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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Partner's Progeny Cover Reveal

Bullies rule … or do they?
For seventeen years, Victoria Sheek has been a paralegal surpervisor at the Law Offices of Pereene, Carr, and Sevino, specializing in injury law. Rumors portray her as a bully. She remains confident that her position will never cease because of close relations to one of the founding partners, Mr. Carr.
Until Mr. Pereene, the head partner, hires Monica Bowman. Smitten with her because of her resemblance to his deceased granddaughter, Melissa, and his memories of her, she can do no wrong.
Which one of the two girls will keep their position at the firm? It takes and unexpected event to decide the outcome of this rivalry.

Shelly Arkon is the author of Secondhand Shoes

 When Shelly isn’t doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, chasing grandkids, listening to daughter drama (five of them), or lopping heads of hair at the salon, she’s writing beside her two fur-peeps, Sir Poops and Hair Ball, popping an occasional chocolate while her hubby is flipping through TV channels.

She lives in New Port Richey with her husband and two dogs. She’s also a member of Florida Writer’s Association and Writer’s of Mass Distraction.

Musical Monday: It's 3 AM

Here I am up in the night with the puppy again, and I couldn't help but think of this song. I know it isn't a lady running through my head, but it is still 3 AM, or er, since I've already taken him outside and held him while he nibbled on me, it's now 3:24 AM. Close enough to love OAR. He's dozing in the kitchen. Time to post, turn off the lights, and try to sneak back to bed. Happy Monday morning.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

True Story -- Tee Hee

Hey, my young Google Plus friends: This one's for you.
If you're still reading my blog, you may see yourselves. Love you, guys!

Dylan leaped for Tim's pass, but the football sailed over his head and into Mrs. Crowder's rose bushes. As the boys stared at the petals covering their football, Joyce, Tim's little sister chuckled. 

"Now you're in trouble!" She gave a wide grin which stretched all the way to her beautiful eyes.

"Mrs. Crowder will never know," Tim said. "We'll glue the petals back on the buds."

Dylan chuckled. "Tim! That's ridiculous. Didn't Mrs. Lansky teach you anything in APEX class? You can't glue petals back on flowers."

"Watch me," he said while running toward his house.

Dylan didn't mind Tim leaving him with Joyce. After all, she was the cutest girl in Chinese school, and he loved it when Mrs. Lansky had seated them together in APEX class. He grinned at Joyce, and then clambered through the bushes to snatch the football from its rose garden prison. To his left, Dylan spotted a beautiful blossom and picked it for Joyce.

"Here you go." Right as Dylan gave the rose to his girlfriend, Tim came charging back while clutching a bottle of super glue. 

"You have the petals?" He asked.

Dylan pointed to a patch on the ground and watched Tim squeeze tiny droplets onto the end of three petals. The blossoms easily slid into place as if never disturbed. "You were saying?" Tim said. 

"Ingenious." Dylan had to agree, the roses looked okay.

When Tim's back was turned, Joyce superglued three silky red petals to each other and then put a huge glob on the back of the stack.

So now you know why Tim is still holding the petals the first day of seventh grade.

Authors note: Dylan and Joyce are not boyfriend and girlfriend because fifth graders are much too young for that. Plus, Joyce is not the devious type, nor would her smart brother fall for this stunt. I just like to mess with them.  Are we good now?