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Saturday, August 1, 2015

TPT Sale & Tips

On the first day of school, instead of telling the kids about me, I ask them to look around the room and tell me what they can infer about their teacher.

I also like the game where kids pass a ball of yarn and introduce themselves. At the end, we have a cool spider web, plus we show that we are all connected.

One of my favorite writing prompts is to ask, "If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?" It gives good insights to help learn about the kids.

One year, I had a blast telling a terrific lie to the kids about how I went to Africa with Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli (Ain't gonna happen with those two anymore). At the end of the story after their little eyes grew wide, I confessed that it wasn't true and asked them to write a whopper of a story about their summer vacation.

Whatever you do, have fun on the first day of class, and please, check out my sale.

TPT is having a huge sale on August 3rd & 4th, so guess what? You may stop by my store on the third for an additional 15% off.

The fourth gets even better. I am offering a buy one get one free deal for all of my readers and followers. That's right, send me an email or leave a comment on this post for a free item, of your choice, of equal or lesser value on products purchased on August 4th!

Please stop by and check out my products 372 products. Happy shopping!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Late last night, we drove in from Michigan, where we helped our daughter move from Ann Arbor to Detroit. Sorry for the blog absence, but she's still fighting with Comcast to try to get internet. The idiot on the phone kept giving her an Ann Arbor address to go seek help. After the third time, she may have figured out that Judy moved. Going to Comcast in Detroit was worthless, so we picked up a new modem at Meijers that doesn't work despite more phone conversations to learn that she'll have to pay $40 to have someone come out. War is Hell, but moving isn't fun, either. Here's Edwin Starr's, War.

At least moving is good for something. 

Judy has some unusually quiet neighbors across the street. They are all dead. The cemetery is Jewish, so everyone figures the ghosts will haunt her if she does anything that's not kosher. Here's a picture of her new, 1920s, house complete with the mess that comes with moving. It is about three times the size of her last home. I love it! Plus, there is no carpet to chew.

Next up, is Fleetwood Mac's take on moving, Go Your Own Way. Judy's move was over a new job, not leaving a lover. Her love moved with her. 

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