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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I looked up while grinding watermelon rind and saw a strange man in my kitchen. Oh, yeah, I'm married! Do you ever go through times when you get so busy that you barely see your spouse? Me neither. But he's been working late. I didn't even see him one night or the next morning. I even wondered if he came home, but I saw a few tell tale signs, like the dogs not jumping on me to eat.

Later, Mitchell told me I spoke to him when he got in. I don't remember. One of these days, he's going to quit practicing law and do it right. That means, not having to work such long hours. Don't worry. He's not having an affair. After twenty-eight years of marriage, he knows if he did, I'd just hop in bed between him and his mistress. After one night of my snoring, she'd dump him.

Then again, I stayed at school until almost seven on Tuesday night; however, part of my delay was due to the gym teacher starting a kick boxing class. He wanted me to kick him in the knee, but I couldn't do it. I might miss the knee and keep this young man from becoming a father. 

I worked out with the thirty-somethings and the twenty-nine-year-old, and the used to be kid who jumped rope with my kids before she grew up to be a teacher. I should have warned her. I'm in trouble when it's time to spar these young adults. At least I'm there. Who knows, the Taekwondo red belt from my youth might come in handy. If nothing else, I can still do a loud k'ihap.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#MM Happy Songs

There are so many songs that make me happy, that's it's hard to narrow this down to a few. Since the Pharrell Williams song will probably be on just about everyone's blog, I won't feature it. But, let me highlight these tidbits. First up is a great old song by Cool and the Gang. Yes, you know it! Celebration

Next up is one of my favorite happy songs from the first movie I ever saw in the theater. When Mary Poppins came out in the early sixties, my mom took my sibs but left me at home. She said, "I couldn't sit through a movie." Having never been to a movie, I pictured high wobbly chairs that one had to balance on, because why else couldn't I "sit" through it? A few years later this gem hit the big screens, and I enjoyed going to see The Jungle Book. Here's Swingdance.

My last happy song comes from a musical. Let's face it, many musical songs make me happy, so it was tough picking just one. My high school put on South Pacific, and the Honey Bun song has stuck with me, so here it is.

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