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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Got A Life

How many times have we heard, "Get a life," addressed to one who has nothing better to do than whine about everything? Let's face it. Complaining takes time. A few weeks ago, we went to a restaurant where we received horrible service and a worse manager. They told us they'd take $10 off the meal, but instead, they upped the price and took $10 off. We kept our receipt and were ready to write Applebees to complain about our bad dining experience, but life caught up with us, and we just never got around to it. Ironically, about two days after the experience, we passed the restaurant and saw a big "Out of Business" sign on the door. So, karma took a huge bite out of them, and she didn't need our intervention.

However, having a life can sometimes interfere with the things we want to do, such as blogging. Between teaching, Teachers Pay Teachers, and other life situations, I am saddened to say, I haven't had much time to drop a blog post and say, "Hey! I'm still alive and kicking."

So, here's a run down of where I've been and why I've been (MIA) missing in action. . . if you care to find out.

The day job:

I am still teaching full time and these kids wear me out! Don't get me wrong, I teach good little
I've done 30 years, what's another two months?
people, but they have a lot more energy than I do. Spring is in the air, and as every teacher knows, we've got to lay down the boom to keep these kids in line. I get to work early, come home late, and by the end of the day, I am absolutely exhausted.

Furthermore, I am a Special Education teacher. Did you know that gifted is under the Special Ed umbrella in the state of Tennessee? That's right! I must write IEPs for each of my third and fourth graders and meet with every parent individually, each year. All of our paperwork is due by mid-April, plus I have test results coming in for new kids that also demands attention, so I am doing everything in my power to keep up with the paperwork, while providing fun and engaging lessons for my kids.

To top it off, our school has a fun but time consuming adventure this week called, Immersion. Each year, the school takes a topic and decorates the halls and minds of the kids with great activities. Our current theme is literature. The kids will love it, but we lose a lot of planning time when Immersion rolls around.

Realizing that I am worn out and knowing that I don't want to be that teacher who hangs around long after she should have retired, I filed for retirement, and this new life is official. With two kids deeply in love (possibly billing us with future weddings), this brings me to my next project, which unfortunately has taken a back burner, preparing for next year.

Monkeys are my favorites!
Job Search:

Retirement means I get to keep half of my salary and all of my benefits. Although my husband has a successful law practice, I still feel the need to make up for the other half of my pay. My TpT business is a nice supplement, but it isn't enough to pay for two weddings. So, I need to revise my resume, write a cover letter, and apply for my dream job. I want something fun, so I'm looking at the zoo. I love animals and the outdoors, and I have a creative edge that would make me a great asset to the zoo family. Ideally, I want to teach educational classes and lead groups throughout the facility. I've noticed two part time openings to drive the train, so all I can think of is, Wooooo! Wooooo! All aboard! I wonder how many train drivers go home and stress about the job while bring tons of paperwork with them? Unfortunately, I have yet to apply for anything because my resume still is not right, and I haven't written that cover letter.

Teachers Pay Teachers

As my long time readers know, I have a business. I sell teaching products on a site called Teachers
Pay Teachers. I love to create interesting products, and if you don't mind my admission to arrogance, I'm good at it. However, running this business takes time. In fact, last week when I had Spring Break, I spent the lion's share of my time, working on my business. That is actually okay because I love doing it. I posted three new products this weekend, alone. My first product teaches dialogue writing, and I saw amazing writing samples when I taught it to my kids. Plus, I love its visuals.

I also wrote a logic problem that connects April Fools Day to Christmas. It's a fact, the fat man is always watching, so kids need to know that April Fools Day CAN get them on the naughty list.

I also bundled several of my April puzzles, as I've been meaning to do.

I often reduce new products by 50% off for the first 24 hours. It's about time for my Writing Dialogue That Rocks lesson to return to $3.

If this were enough, I'd say, "Dayenu." For those of you who don't know, dayenu is a Hebrew word that means, "It would have been enough," which is recited and sung around the Passover table, another time suck that will soon be upon me, as I must prepare for this holiday by cleaning out the refrigerator and every scrap of kitchen I have. But that is not where I was going with this as I mention another item on my plate.

Weight Watchers

Like the alcoholic anonymous meeting, I have come to admit, "I am fat." But, I am doing something about this. Joining Weight Watchers has meant having to take the time to shop for and prepare healthy foods, as well as attend meetings and weigh in every Saturday morning. Dieting also means I'm supposed to be exercising, which relates back to section one of my post -- these kids are wearing me out! But, I'm down six pounds after just two weeks.

So, in conclusion, I have focused my time on a "this is me" blog post. Perhaps I'll find more time to put down the Jodi Picoult novel (Did I tell you I'm deep into a novel when I should be sleeping?) and spend some time on my dying blog. If you read all this, thank you.

Since it is Music Monday Moves Me, I'll end this with my songs. The theme is Sci Fi movies or TV shows. Here's one of my favorite tunes from a sci fi movie.

And I guess I need to post a science fiction song from a television show, too. Here's one of my old favorite science fiction TV shows. ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

To Air is Human

This week's Musical Monday Moves Me is songs or groups with the word "Air." So I instantly thought of two groups with "Air" in them.

I've always loved Gracie Slick from Jefferson Airplane. I even saw them perform at the University if Missouri.

The second group I instantly thought of was Air Supply. Furthermore, when I think of this group, "I'm All Out of Love" comes to mind.

Finally, here's a song scene from the movie Airplane.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#WW : Working Hard