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Thursday, June 14, 2012

#Writer's Post: Summer

I may be a week overdue, but here goes a post about my favorite time of year, Summer. This go around, I'm spending summer recuperating from surgery behind books, those of others and the one I'm writing.

I've read five books so far this summer. One was a silly little kid read I'd somehow missed over the years. I'm talking about Frindle by Andrew Clements. This author has never been one of my favorites, but Frindle is pretty good. I admire the author's ability to create believable characters and challenge them to grow. Plus, who would of thunk of a kid causing a school revolution over what to call a pen. It's downright stupid of the teacher to play this challenge. As a teacher, I would've just gone along with the thing and call it small stuff.

Next, I read the dirty series that I mentioned a few posts back. Knowing the freakish  nature of Christian Grey, what would he do with a pen? Oh, I can't go there but am wiggling at the thought. And I finally made up my mind. I want him! Armie Hammer has got to take the role of this dark, sexy character. Yep! They'd be swooning in the theatre. He's almost as hot as my dear husband. I say almost.

My latest read was a salute to Ray Bradbury with his fireman story. This was a bit deep for a post surgery gal. I guess I read kid's books and trash because I can't wrap my head around literary works.

So what's next? Hmm. I have a stack of books on my nitestand. (No, I didn't misspell this word. My dad was in the furniture business and that's what the tags always said). I've always wanted to read Bud, Not Buddy yet Stanford Wong has been waiting for a year. Vicky's book Cleopatra's Moon is another possibility as is Uprising. I love Margaret Peterson Haddix, so maybe I should grab her novel. 

I've got a plan. I'm going to read the first page of each of these. The one that won't let me go wins. Done. Oooo. Bud, Not Buddy was so tempting and I even went two pages in, but alas, Depression Era. I don't know after just reading the dark, depressing novel Fahrenheit 451. I need something light and uplifting, so I'm going with Lisa Yee's story about a goofball kid flunking English. 

Hello Mindless Summer!


Small Town Mommy said...

My youngest just read Frindle last year and loved it. I haven't read 50 Shades of Gray and really have no interest in it. I know people who love it but it just doesn't seem like my type of book.

Anonymous said...

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Sandra Tyler said...

I don't know Frindle! Would my boys like it?

Catch My Words said...

They might. It depends how old they are. It's a cute light read about a boy who likes to challenge authority. He gets a plan to call a pen a frindle and things escalate from there. I plan to have my third graders read it in the fall. It would be better to let your boys read Frindle than Fifty Shades of Grey. ;D

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ugh, I admire you for having completed 5 books this summer already. I am still working on an old Anne Rice novel. Been reading it for over a month with no end in sight. I keep going back and forth on putting 50 Shades of Gray on the hold list at the library. I'm sure my curiosity will get the best of me eventually, but right now, I just want to get through this book.

unikorna said...

Joyce if I may, I'd suggest you to try Jae Austen's Pride and Prejudice, I'm sure you've already read it but..try re-reading has the effect of a tonic :).

Lynn Proctor said...

i gotta catch up on my reading!!

brenda said...

All good ones. Frindle is a good one..I had fun reading that one with my kids.

Anonymous said...

I've had that same idea lately...reading along side the books my daughter is reading for school. You've inspired me to read a good book! In honor of your blog, I'm going to pick one and put it in my back pack, as I'll have some down time while daughter is in rehearsal. Thanks, Joyce! And wishing you a speedy and painless recover. :)