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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Too Much Cute in One Reading Passage

Are you ready to be bombarded with a whole lot of cute? Meet Benny! He's my sweet golden retriever who has a story to tell! We got him as a puppy, but now he's a handsome young man with his own reading passage and questions. Won't you check out his story?

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Benny has turned to being an author. Okay, I helped a little . . . a lot. But without proper schooling, how is a dog expected to learn how to write? If Millie Bush can publish a novel, than Benny G. Lansky can publish a reading passage!

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After all, Benny even has socks with his likeness on them!

Want to see more? Just go to Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions on Teachers Pay Teachers and purchase this great resource! Tell them, "Benny sent you!" The passage even has more cute Benny photos.

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