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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Happy Halloween

Although for awhile, now, we've been wearing masks and consuming huge amounts of candy, the official day for this is right around the corner. I love Halloween! This year, we put more decorations out to delight our grandson who has come for a visit. My husband calls the balloon ghost in the yard a snowman because he melts everynight when I unplug him. I figure there is no sense flashing his colorful lights all night, when no one sees them, only to have his bulbs burn out before the 31st. The new gadgets for Halloween are amazing! Somehow he senses the night and lights up only in the daylight. I think the poor guy was hung over this morning because although he blew up, he needed my help to stand to his full five-feet.
We also have a little ghost who lights up and sang an annoying song, repeatedly. My grandson fixed this ghost with a swim in the dog's waterbowl. Now, he lights up, even on the off switch, but his little song is softer, so I don't hear, "Trick-or-Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!" Darn it. A few years ago, my son caught me asleep on the couch and thought it fitting to film me. I showed him when I openned an eye in midproduction. He turned this clip into a delightful Halloween comercial for my store. Check this out. Be sure to click to find all sorts of Halloween activities for ages K - 12! Joyce Catch My Products