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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Catch My Newest Products

A few weeks ago, I posted some of my Zumba songs, and I'm still dancing. Not only that, but I've also made TWO new products for my store.

Poetry writing shows kids six different types of poems and uses the Gradual Release Teaching Method to show teachers how to teach them.

I was having fun messing with commercials about products and Zumba, so here you go.

My second product is Public Speaking! Maybe you too can put on your pajamas and be a nut on the internet, like me! I just loaded this one, TODAY, so it's still at 50% off!

Since I am hopping along with my Monday Music Moves Me crew, I'm going to post a few more of my favorite Zumba dances. Please join along!

I'm constantly finding new songs to dance to, so I'm never bored with Zumba!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Love Songs

Our theme for this week is "Love Songs," which is fitting between Valentine's Day and the beautiful engagement pictures my daughter just got back from her Detroit photographer, Ryan Inman.

These are certainly the photos of two people who are in love, so I will post them throughout the musical journey.

First up is Paul McCartney singing, "I Will."

Next up, is Ed Sheeran with "Perfect."

Finally, here is Seasons of Love from Rent.

Keep posted for future wedding photos. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Zumba With Me

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30, I looked forward to my Zumba class at the MJCC; but unfortunately, the time did not work for others. I often found myself alone with my instructor, Samantha. At the end of 2017, the dreaded announcement came. My Zumba class was ending. What was I to do? About halfway through the class, the idea hit me to record the dances; but alas, when trying to place a phone in the right spot, I missed many songs.

I successfully recorded about five dances, and my teacher sent me four videos of her dancing to numbers. Nine clips does not an hour class make, so I searched the internet for songs I could dance to. Now, I'm able to exercise for at least a short time most mornings and even a full hour on some days. Although I miss the class, I find I'm doing Zumba MORE since my class ended.

I do not feel privileged to share Samantha's tapes or what I recorded, but here are the jewels I've found on Youtube. As a blog visitor, you may not sit and watch. Rather, I am requesting that you get on your feet and join me in the dances. I put my computer on the full screen and follow as best I can. If you mess up a dance, that's fine as long as you're moving. It's pretty fun! It has to be to keep me going strong.

For a warm up, I dance to either this one, one of Samantha's clips, or Meghan Trainor's "Me Too." I'm not posting "Me, Too" because I posted it last week.

I love this one because Vijaya is easier to follow than many of these online Zumba instructors. This was a dance I did not know at all before I found her and it has become one of my regular dances.  

Next up, please join me in "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo. This was one of the ones we danced to in class, but I didn't get it on tape, so I was glad to find the song online. The ladies don't do it exactly as I did, but it's close enough to make me happy.  

Next up, is "Can't Stop the Feeling," by Justin Timberlake. The instructor, The Fitness Marshall, talks a little too much at the beginning of his dances, but I like him because he explains what we're supposed to do. He is also the leader for my Meghan Trainor song. He leads a lot of dances on the web, so when I get bored with what I have, I'll go looking for more of his dances. This one was also not done in my dance class, but I still like it. "Me Too" was part of my class.

Next up is a really silly one. I felt goofy dancing this one in class, and I still feel goofy dancing it in front of my dogs. The version in class was better, but this one still gets me moving, so let's get you going, too. Do you know what to do with that big, fat butt? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

I have plenty more, but I'm just going to post one of my favorites before the cool down. We did this one in class, but it was new, and I never felt like I had the steps down pat. I know it's not exactly how we danced it, but it has a lot of the same moves, and I love the tune. I usually move the dial past the talking or make my bed at the beginning of the video. Check this out!

And finally, I found a cool down I like, even if it's not the one we did in class. I love Bruno Mars.

So, did you have a nice work out? If not, you didn't follow my rules and can't leave. Ya gotta dance, dance, dance.