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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Happy Halloween

Although for awhile, now, we've been wearing masks and consuming huge amounts of candy, the official day for this is right around the corner. I love Halloween! This year, we put more decorations out to delight our grandson who has come for a visit. My husband calls the balloon ghost in the yard a snowman because he melts everynight when I unplug him. I figure there is no sense flashing his colorful lights all night, when no one sees them, only to have his bulbs burn out before the 31st. The new gadgets for Halloween are amazing! Somehow he senses the night and lights up only in the daylight. I think the poor guy was hung over this morning because although he blew up, he needed my help to stand to his full five-feet.
We also have a little ghost who lights up and sang an annoying song, repeatedly. My grandson fixed this ghost with a swim in the dog's waterbowl. Now, he lights up, even on the off switch, but his little song is softer, so I don't hear, "Trick-or-Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!" Darn it. A few years ago, my son caught me asleep on the couch and thought it fitting to film me. I showed him when I openned an eye in midproduction. He turned this clip into a delightful Halloween comercial for my store. Check this out. Be sure to click to find all sorts of Halloween activities for ages K - 12! Joyce Catch My Products

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Halloween Fun

I love Halloween! It's the one night of the year when kids can dress up and collect candy from friends, relatives, and neighbors. I grew up in St. Louis where trick-or-treat meant just that. When ringing door bells, home owners would often request a trick before giving a treat. This practice stopped at our home after Larry, a large child, shook the house with his somersault. None-the-less, Halloween was a great time to hear a good joke and enjoy fun. We weren't the vicious youngsters who would toilet paper a house as a trick.
Can you guess what this couple is dressed as?
Furthermore, what kid doesn't like Halloween activities in the classroom or through distance learning? Here is your chance to challenge your 4th and 5th graders with a logic puzzle pack!
Inside this BUNDLE you will find: Halloween Logic Halloween Logic Answer Key Halloween Circle Logic (difficult) Halloween Circle Logic Answer Key Vocabulary Words for Story Writing Creative Halloween Prompt Halloween Research Halloween Research Answer Key Ghost Research Design a Haunted Classroom Measurement Activity
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Monday, September 13, 2021

Reading to Learn

There's an old saying that in grades kindergarten through third grade we learn to read, but come fourth grade up, we read to learn. Reading to learn is great provided we capture a kid's interest first. It seems like the older kids get, the more difficult it is to keep them engaged. Afterall, high school kids are more interested in finding dates or a good party for the weekend than what the teacher wants them to read. That is why choosing high interest reading passage topics is so important. Usually, I will look for a topic that is trending or that I've been curious or interested in knowing more about. Often I'll go beyond the normal topic, so I have to geer these passages to high schoolers. Of course you can't have an elementary student reading about Ed Gein slicing his victims and wearing them as we saw in The Silence of the Lambs. You also don't want to introduce younger students to a real life murder from a pair of 1890s lesbians. History is rarely rated G, and I've told it like it was in many high school reading passages. What's even better is the price! When it comes to reading passages, I have bundled activities for 30% off the price of individual resources. I know 30% is a lot of savings, but reality, I'd much rather see a teacher buy several lessons at once than just one story. If you're interested in my best seller for October, check this out. Passages come with discussion questions, writing prompts, and answer keys. Thanks for tuning in.