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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

50% Off After Valentine's Day Sale and FREE Nonfiction Reading Passage

I don't know about you, but I love walking into a store and finding all of the holiday goodies on sale for HALF OFF! So, while you grab some Valentine's Day chocolates, why not get yourself some Valentine's Day bargains while you're at it? Plus, several of these February resources also contain Black history activities, which it is not too late for. I have FIVE resources at: #JoyceFebruary50%off Just click the hashtag to find the deals! Check out this GREAT elementary resources at 50% OFF. It also contains Black History activities! Check out my sale before February is gone along with Valentine's Day. Thanks for tuning in! Joyce Catch My Products The Gifted Department Store

Monday, January 10, 2022

Honey Bear

Saturday night, we lost this sweet baby. Not only did she have this kissable face but she was also smart and kind-hearted. She would watch television and cry at the commercial that showed injured dogs. I've never known a dog to show empathy as she did! In her memory, I've placed her K-2 resource at 50% off.
Critical Thinking Games in Google Slides If you go to TpT and search #JoyceDeals you will find this resource and FREE logic puzzles for grades 4 -6.
I also have posted several new resources. For High School: Winter Logic, Valentine's Day Logic, and for the younger kids: Winter Critical Thinking for Grades 1 -3
Thanks for reading. If you have a dog, show him or her some affection. We still have two dogs who are in mourning along with us.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Dollar Deals for The New Year

The Holidays were great, but all good things must end. Make your transition back to school better by adding resources to your collection for just $1! I am participating in TWO huge dollar deals.
Just search #Cheers2022 to find a plethora of great resources for only a $1. I'm offering two language arts worksheet packages for upper elementary students.
Find it at: and
Which is at: But here is more! If you need logic puzzles, here are two. First a resource for your elementary students. and finally, here's one for high school. Happy Shopping! Joyce Catch My Products The Gifted Department Store