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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway is ON!


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Harvest time for some lucky teachers to harvest their TpT Resource DREAMS. We teamed up to give away OVER $400 in TpT Gift Cards to some lucky educators! Get everything you need to ease your stress! We will raffle off: 🧡🧡 4 $100 TpT Gift Cards plus $25 to each winner to give to the charity of their choice (nonpolitical only). 🧡🧡 Enter the raffle here:

🧡🧡 Raffle Ends at 12:00 AM Central Time, Wednesday, 11/11. The lucky winner will be announced by 11/12. 👉👉 You must be an educator to win and provide proof by providing your school name and grade level within 48 hours after contacted or a new random winner will be selected. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Teachers Pay Teachers. No Purchase Required.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Too Much Cute in One Reading Passage

Are you ready to be bombarded with a whole lot of cute? Meet Benny! He's my sweet golden retriever who has a story to tell! We got him as a puppy, but now he's a handsome young man with his own reading passage and questions. Won't you check out his story?

read about therapy work with reading comprehension passage on Teachers Pay Teachers #teacherspayteachers #teachersfollowteachers

Benny has turned to being an author. Okay, I helped a little . . . a lot. But without proper schooling, how is a dog expected to learn how to write? If Millie Bush can publish a novel, than Benny G. Lansky can publish a reading passage!

Teach reading comprehension to elementary school students #TpT #education #iteach345

After all, Benny even has socks with his likeness on them!

Want to see more? Just go to Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions on Teachers Pay Teachers and purchase this great resource! Tell them, "Benny sent you!" The passage even has more cute Benny photos.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Half Off Sales on Teachers Pay Teachers & Music

 Hi Y'all!

I have teamed up with a group of top notch sellers to bring you two days of half price sales. This is a special and rare event with quality resources up for grabs. I even bought from another seller this morning.

I am offering TWO Logic Puzzle Packs at half price until early Wednesday morning. For half off the original price you can now buy:

Primary Logic Bundle 
This resource contains sixty pages of print or digital worksheets for first and second grade learners. This is a great resource for gifted and talented students or early finishers who need a challenge. It's on sale for 50% off it's value of $19.57. You can do the math or I'll tell you. That's  just $9.79, before the sale ends.

Logic Problems for the Year
Sometimes searching for the right seasonal challenge can be difficult and time consuming. This product contains twelve logic puzzles plus an accountable talk bonus passage for just $4.13. That's a steal, but if you want it, you must stop by my store today or tomorrow before the sale ends.

For huge savings, just search the hashtag: 


Since this is Labor Day, here are some fitting tunes for Monday Music Moves Me.
First up is a great tune from 1966, "Working in A Coal Mine," by Lee Dorsey.

Next up, here is another tune for the worker. This one is more recent because it's from the 1975 movie, "Car Wash" and features Rose Royce.

This last one is for all of the teachers dealing with a new school year, either with a lot of ppe concerns or teaching remotely. Here's a little encouragement from Devo with "Whip It."

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Toothy Tales on Tuesday

About three weeks ago, my tube of toothpaste reached the point where I could no longer squeeze anything out of the uncapped top, so I took a scissors to the bottom and am still using it. No. I'm not just ignoring my teeth by covering them with a mask or staying home. I actually do brush at least twice a day. I do, however, follow a dental hygienist's advice by only using the tip of a pinky's worth. We've all seen those toothpaste commercials where they spread the paste across the entire brush and give it a cute little swirl at the top. That's what they want us to do. Waste it so we have to go out and buy more.

Brushing is important but flossing is even more so. We leave our floss picks in the den on a table near the couch. Every night when we watch the news, we pass the bag of flossers. I've noticed that if I skip just one night of flossing, the pick stinks after being in my mouth, so I try to do this every night. I've heard that the bacteria between the teeth are like ants building an ant hill. Flossing kicks them to the ground, so they must start over again the next day.

So just think, if you buy toothpaste less often, you have the funds to settle your tooth fairy debt. Back when my youngest was a teeth losing believer, her older siblings got in on the act. They would type notes to her along with the money, which of course did not come from their pockets! They even gave Erica's tooth fairy a name. At the time, she was good friends with a girl in my class and told her all about the tooth fairy's name. So, her mom called me to find out what the name is so that she too could partake in the game.

Since my son had named the tooth fairy, I hemmed and hawed before revealing this most embarrassing tidbit. Under bated breath I told her, "Tina Fartinkle." How's that for a name to tell to a child in your class' mother? Luckily, she too had an older son and understood. We both laughed.

If you like logic about teeth, I have a medical pack that has one of those in it. 

Now that TpT has designed the Google overlay for pdf. files, you can access this online to share with the kids. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

New Pins, Instagram, FB, & Music

Being at home has given me time to experiment with moving pins. Although they don't look at professional as some, I'm still proud to have figured this out.  Click the links to see what I accomplished!

I've always heard that movie pins get the most traction. I hope these hold true to form. While young people are natives to Internet skills, I'm most certainly an immigrant.

Also, I recently had a huge Facebook/Instagram issue with a hacker. I lost my pages and am trying to climb out of the hole. My FB business page is still up, but I cannot access it. I started a new business page at Facebook Page and could use likes and followers. As for Instagram, I've lost my 500+ followers and am starting over from scratch there, too. I would love it if you'd do me the honor of a follow by clicking on the link to My New Instagram page.

In the spirit of Musical Monday, they don't write songs like they used to. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Bonus Day Sale on TpT

The TpT boost sale is back starting at midnight Eastern time. Stop by Catch My Products for 20% off of the entire store! Plus, with the code BTSBONUS20, you can add an additional 5%. How cool is that?

Yes, my entire store is on sale for 20% off, with the exception of this new product, Greater Than, Less Than PowerPoint Lesson. This resource is 50% off until the sale ends!

Don't forget to check your wish lists and stop on by Catch My Products!

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Also, would you like FREE resources? Sign up for my email list and you will receive my sampler pack that shows how my store truly is the gifted department store.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

TpT Sitewide Sale

Prepare for Back to School with TpT Sitewide Sale!

Today and Wednesday are the dates of our Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale. My entire store will be set at 20% off and you can receive an additional 5% by adding BTS20 when you check out!

I also have two new resources that are currently set at 1/2 off for 24 hours from the appearance in the TpT mail notification. 

Reading and Writing Large Numbers PowerPoint

This PowerPoint takes students through the gradual release teaching method with a well organized directed lesson that can be taught in person or screen shared for virtual learning.

Wizards | Math Word Problems and Logic Bundle
Kids will love this 1/2 off bundle, that is all about Wizards, while being engaged and challenged in problem solving!

Here are some of my personal favorite resources that you may purchase for 25% off, with the code, during the sale. They are great for in school or distance learning, due to TpT's Digital Activity button. I've already set these resources up for easy digital access, too.
  • I love my Accountable Talk Passages because they pique the kids interest. The students read a short story and then debate about statements that are either true, false, or they can't tell. This is a stimulating lesson that my kids always loved!
  • I've written a lot of Reading Passages for multiple grade levels. These resources work well for social studies classes, too. 
  • A friend once referred to me as the "Logic Queen." Though I don't claim royalty, I have so many logic puzzles and logic bundles, that I don't know how many are in my store. Also, I keep making these fun tidbits. If you're into logic puzzles, check these out. I have puzzles for the itty bitty primary student all the way up to the elementary and tall teen kid. If you want to zero in on a specific grade level, just click the topic and grade.

Happy shopping and don't forget to check your wish list to find great deals on what you want!

Joyce Lansky
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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Back to School in a Pandemic

I've been privy to many chats on back to school shoulds and shouldn'ts. It seems like the majority of teachers, I've heard from, are screaming for virtual options and new teaching strategies. This is no surprise. Anyone who has been a first year teacher will remember their constant sickness from being exposed to many kids at once. Then after a few years of teaching, we develop immunity. However, COVID 19 is different. This is a new disease that doctors still do not know a lot about. Teachers will also have issues following CDC guidelines and making kids follow them as well. We can offer suggestions and discussions with our kids, but do they get the point when so many adults fail to see the importance of keeping everyone healthy during novel coronavirus outbreaks? Is wearing a mask and social distancing enough? I understand that parents need childcare when going to work, but our basic need is to keep kids and society safe.

ideas, resources, teachers, back to school lessons

I refer to Israel's experiment with opening schools. Even though their numbers were lower than ours in the United States, when they opened, disease skyrocketed. If this happens with small spread, I don't want to think about what could happen in areas with out of control COVID 19 numbers. However, teachers definitely need help with teaching virtually or from a distance.

Whatever your district decides to do, I hope everyone will take precautions to remain safe. After all, we do not want another repeat of the types of suffering from Yellow Fever. Maslow's pyramid has always put safety as a basic need.

To help you with the beginning of school, I've been creating new resources. I am especially happy with my Grandparents' Day Activities because come October, I will become a grandma with the birth of a grandson! I'm beyond excited with the upcoming birth of Herkeberger. That's what they are calling him these days. Hopefully Herky will get a new name upon birth, but even if he doesn't, I'll still love him, forever.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Giveaways and Dollar Deals for Teachers

Amazon Gift Card

Teachers, I have news for you. Check this out!

Go to  for a chance to win a $75 gift card before today ends! Just think of all you could do to get your school year off to a great start!

Dollar Deals Today and Tomorrow

Also, I am partnering with an amazing group of sellers to bring you our bi-annual dollar deals! Just go to TpT here! You will find 70 pages of resources priced at just $1 to get your school year off to a great start.

I am offering two resources for one dollar:

Be sure to stop by these two events before they are over!

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