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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

TpT Sitewide Sale

Prepare for Back to School with TpT Sitewide Sale!

Today and Wednesday are the dates of our Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale. My entire store will be set at 20% off and you can receive an additional 5% by adding BTS20 when you check out!

I also have two new resources that are currently set at 1/2 off for 24 hours from the appearance in the TpT mail notification. 

Reading and Writing Large Numbers PowerPoint

This PowerPoint takes students through the gradual release teaching method with a well organized directed lesson that can be taught in person or screen shared for virtual learning.

Wizards | Math Word Problems and Logic Bundle
Kids will love this 1/2 off bundle, that is all about Wizards, while being engaged and challenged in problem solving!

Here are some of my personal favorite resources that you may purchase for 25% off, with the code, during the sale. They are great for in school or distance learning, due to TpT's Digital Activity button. I've already set these resources up for easy digital access, too.
  • I love my Accountable Talk Passages because they pique the kids interest. The students read a short story and then debate about statements that are either true, false, or they can't tell. This is a stimulating lesson that my kids always loved!
  • I've written a lot of Reading Passages for multiple grade levels. These resources work well for social studies classes, too. 
  • A friend once referred to me as the "Logic Queen." Though I don't claim royalty, I have so many logic puzzles and logic bundles, that I don't know how many are in my store. Also, I keep making these fun tidbits. If you're into logic puzzles, check these out. I have puzzles for the itty bitty primary student all the way up to the elementary and tall teen kid. If you want to zero in on a specific grade level, just click the topic and grade.

Happy shopping and don't forget to check your wish list to find great deals on what you want!

Joyce Lansky
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Pop-In Evaluations and Music, Too

During my time teaching, there was never anything more nerve-wracking than the pop-in evaluation, which often occurred in January or February; however, I remember waiting until half past April, one year. It seemed like it didn't matter how long I had taught, I'd still feel that familiar jump in my chest when the administrator headed into my room. Plus, it wasn't just me. As a specialist teacher, I saw many classroom teachers jump when I opened the door to pick up their kids.

We'd all talk about pop-in evaluations after the fact, or the rumors about who got hit and where teachers saw the administrator headed. "Can you believe she sat it Mrs. Teacher's room and waited for her and her class to come in from recess?"

Blog post about teacher evaluations
One co-worker got so nervous that she forgot her kids' names . . . and this happened during the second semester. Another teacher had her pop-in right before Christmas. In the middle of her evaluation, kids pointed at the clock and yelled, "Miss T., we're missing the Christmas party!" I kid you not. This really did happen at what I called, "Hell Elementary," where I got stuck teaching for two years.

Nervousness is normal. We all feel it, except for maybe the teacher who is ready to retire. Nonetheless, after multiple pop-ins, I got familiar with what it takes to score high and retired as a level five teacher. On our scale, that was great!

Evaluation Tips

Ask and Listen

Before you have your pop-in evaluation, you're bound to have had a planned evaluation with a pre-conference. I've seen these pre-conferences as optional and required. Either way, you should definitely go for it. Become familiar with what the evaluators are looking for and do as they say. If you got tips after your last evaluation, put these into practice. Not just when you think you're going to be evaluated but all the time. Which leads me to the next tip.

Establish a Teaching Routine

There are certain things evaluators look for in ALL evaluations. These vary from administrator to administrator, but certain habits need to become just that. To not do what the evaluator wants in all of your lessons is to set yourself up for failure during the pop-in. How many times do we forget what we should do when we are nervous? It doesn't matter if you are teaching or pulling someone's cavity. You have to be comfortable with the needed steps! If you practice good teaching, ALWAYS, your autopilot will kick in, and you'll be a success.

Thanks for tuning in. Next week, I will get specific about the basic requirements of an evaluation.

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Monday Music Moves Me

Since it's time for Monday Music Moves Me, and the topic is a freebie, I will post songs that relate to this post in some way. First up is Gloria Gaynor's song, "I will Survive."

Next is "Teacher, Teacher" by 38 Special.