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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GBE2: The Truth

When I first met my third graders last week, the four of us played a game to get to know each other. One person states two true facts and a lie. Then everyone has to guess which statement is NOT true.

One darling little boy knew the adorable young girl all too well. After she said she had a cat, he said, "Yep. She does!"

I told him not to answer these out loud or he'd ruin the game for everyone else; so when she said she was a good artist, he smiled from ear to ear and shook his head, "Yes."

Kids can be so truthful, but their truthfulness worked in my favor when someone passed me in the hall and wished me a happy birthday. "How old are you?" The kids asked.

I told them I couldn't say it because it's one of those zero ages, and it's an "F" word.

One little girl said, "I know! You're forty." Got to love her.

Here are my:
Two Truths and a Lie

(1) I was born in Memphis.
(2) I have a rare blood type.
(3) I've written five novels.
Can you guess the lie?


Anonymous said...

LOL! She just won the title of teacher's pet!

I think the rare blood type is your fib. I'll take a shot at this, too:

1. When I got married, I legally changed my middle name to my mom's maiden name because my birth middle name was the same as my new married last name.
2. I used to have a crippling fear of dogs.
3. I once ate at McDonald's every single day for two months straight.

Jo said...

Wow. I will say that you were not born in Memphis. I also love how honest kids are and asking them to lie, ummm I know it's a game, but then we tell them never lie! LOL
Here's my shot...
1. I graduated exactly, to the day 20 years before my daughter.
2. I went for four months without cooking anything. Warming up frozen food, getting take-out, shopping the deli. Making cold sandwiches.
3. I swam with the sharks in Florida.

Jo said...

OOPS..I think Beth's lie is number 3.

Catch My Words said...

For Beth: When we're young, we can do gross things like eating at McDonalds every day or getting in the habit of picking up a McBreakfast every morning, so I'm going with the lie being the fear of dogs.

For Jo: I'm going with the four months of no cooking because I know how healthy you are... then again, that could be what started you on your health kick.

I'm going to hold off giving my answer since the post is fresh. Thanks for playing.

Amy McMunn said...

Gosh, I'm the newbie, aren't I? I'll have to take a stab in the dark and say that Joyce's lie is the rare blood type.

Beth: fear of dogs.

Jo: I'll say four months of no cooking as well!

My turn:

1. I once lived in Australia
2. I'm violently allergic to peanuts.
3. I have a talent of music and could teach myself to play just about any instrument.

Anonymous said...

I love that everyone is playing along!

Let's see, I think Jo never swam with the sharks and Amy never lived in Australia. Oh, and if your #3 is true, Amy, I have to tell you that I'm horribly and super-unattractively jealous. My dad not only had a beautiful singing voice, but could play any instrument by ear, too. I SO wanted to inherit those talents from him, but definitely didn't.

Binky said...

Of course I can guess, but it'd just be a guess. So I'll guess 1.

Nicole said...

Kids are something else!

My guess agrees with Beth, in that the rare blood type is the fiction aspect of that list.

Beth: My guess is that your lie is #3

Jo: Since people can swim with sharks near where I live, my guess is that you never went four months without cooking...then again, I can go several months without cooking, but I'm a city-girl who hates to cook often, so that's another story, lol.

Amy: Darn, all of those could be possible. It's a toughie, so I'm just going to go with #3, only because I haven't met anyone who could play all instruments. I've only met people who mastered a specific few.

The Madlab Post

Jo said...

Okay...I did go 4 months without kitchen during a remodel gone terribly wrong. No cooking vessels of any kind! I bought a slow cooker after month 4! Christmas fell in month 2. The kids brought all the food. It was horrible.

Jo said...

Amy.. I'm going with number 1. Australia.

I think I was wrong about Beth, I think it's the fear of dogs. ??

Let me know when you want the right answer and I shall return!

Amy McMunn said...

LOL!!! I kept checking back to see when people would free up to their answers!!! Remodels are the worst!! (Mike would be so proud that you used the word "vessel". Haha.)

I DID live in Australia. For a year back when I was single and free.

My lie was the peanuts. :)

Catch My Words said...

Thanks for playing. So many people are allergic to peanuts these days, that I didn't bat an eye at that one.

Since I've posted a post after this one, and plan to post again tomorrow, I will reveal this so you don't have to check every day during the busy holidays (but please come back because something new is coming for Silly Sunday). Interesting that none of my students got this right. I should have modified the game for y'all since folks who've been following know I'm a writer. I am also AB-, the rarest blood type at .01% of the population. The Japanese have blood type personality traits (like a horoscope). I think they nailed me in everything but the patience.

Thanks for playing!

Jo said...

This was fun! My lie was swimming with sharks! I have shared the harbor with dolphins both tame and wild, but not sharks. Yet.

I am not very good at this game! he he he Think I'm too gullible. Is that really how you spell gullible? Well, okay spell checker! I really dont think so...

Catch My Words said...

That's interesting because I really believed the shark swimming to be true, especially after hearing a lady on Wheel of Fortune say how she went to Florida and swimming with dolphins was too expensive, so they swam with sharks. Also, "gullible" is my middle name.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! My lie was the name change one. :O)

As a kid, I was absolutely terrified of dogs. Big burly ones, itty-bitty pups, it didn't matter. One wee little bark and I was in a panic.

Oh, and I was so obsessed with McDonald's that my mom attempted to cure me of it. She took me there every day after school and once each weekend day, assuming that I'd tire of the stuff quickly and stop asking to go. After two months, she knew it was pointless, so her little experiment stopped.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get here in time to play along but this game looks like it was fun. Hard to keep up with all the back and forth though! :D

danneromero said...

i'm going with the rare blood type as the lie... didn't i read somewhere you live in memphis, and have written some novels?

oh, and my third graders generally the truth... hey teacher, your hair looks really messed up today.. are you tired? ... gotta love 'em..

Rhonda said...

I guess the lie came earlier than 1,2,3 - My guess has to do with the number 40.