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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toilet Bowl Operation

No this story is not about Delta Airlines, even though they too are a "toilet bowl operation." I'm participating in Shelly's Crazy Alternative Reality over at The Life of a Novice Writer. She's presented four pictures and asked us to write a one hundred word story about one or all of them. I originally thought the assignment was 300 words and have been whittling my writing down but fail. I'm at 140 and have removed most of the detail to give you a bare bones story. I'm going to leave it as is, sorry Shelly.

The truck’s three wheels skirted around a cactus while sheep carrying the corner with the missing wheel kept it from scraping sand. Aries is rising covered the back window.

The truck halted. Bolts and cogs shot into the sand.

A cowboy carrying a rotary phone stepped out of his truck. “Don’t pull my truck apart!”

The sheep’s eyebrows narrowed as they glared at the cowboy.

“The brochure says, “Sheep is mild.” You buckin’ requests?”
The sheep raced away, so the cowboy dialed the phone.

“What kinda toilet bowl operation you runnin’? My sheep took off.” The cowboy nodded. “Fine. Send me twins.”

He tossed the phone into his truck.

Two identical women wearing bikinis approached the cowboy.

“You gonna run my truck, Sweet-cheeks?”

“We’re gonna drive while you run.” The girl’s smacked a sticker over the other one: Gemini Rules. 


shelly said...


Also, I've got 7 more words than you had. I totally fart wrote mine this morning. Streamed it down to 147 words in about 30 minutes. Oh well...I'm not the word counting police anyway. It's a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing and get us disciplined with word constraints.

Anonymous said...

Loved the humor, Joyce. :)

Thanks for the follow and I'm following you back (but it seems like the follow widgets don't update right away).

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Loved your short story!! Hilarious! :)

MISH said...

Stopping by from Shelly's blogfest.
Great piece and quirky sense of humour!! I really enjoyed it!

Rhonda said...

Great story Joyce - Thanks for the giggles.