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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Blogger's Jackpot!

I hit the JaCKpoT when Paul contacted me about sampling a Wood Watch by Jord. Look at this beautiful watch on my wrist! It's totally brag worthy.

My watch is so cool, I could wear it to kickboxing class and my instructor wouldn't even notice my loose fist. I mean, who could notice anything other than the watch in this photo?

Tighten that fist!
I love the fine details and two tones of wood. It even matches my gorgeous dogs.

But I won't let them wear it because it's all mine!

This smooth watch has got to be one of the coolest watches I've ever owned. It's even cooler than my Woody Woodpecker watch that used to peck at the tree each second. This watch is made from the tree! Plus, the face is large enough that I can tell the time without my reading glasses.

But here is the best news of all. You can win your very own Jord watch in my giveaway! That's right. Up for grabs is a gift certificate of $139 (and free shipping) from Jord. You can't beat that, so don't forget to enter this great contest!

Stop by Jord and and tell me which watch you'd get if you won, and leave me a comment.

Click on the Rafflecopter at the top of the blog and gain points to enter my contest. Hurry, because it won't be up for long." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WW: Just Like Mom Used to Make

My sister made this, whatever it is, for my son. 
He said it was, "Just like Mom used to make." 
Mom never made this, or ate it.

It reminds me of a scene from "Galaxy Quest" when 
Dr. Lazarus receives a meal from his home planet.

I can't eat food that looks like worms swimming in a swamp.
My kids should have had my sister as their mom.

On another note, come back Thursday 
and enter my Jord watch giveaway.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

#MM The Sixties and Seventies

This week's theme on Monday Music Moves Me 
is Music from the Sixties and Seventies. 
This should be a fun walk down memory lane.

Here's a fun one that was released in November, 1968. I remember sitting in the elementary school gym waiting for an assembly to start. The teachers played some music while we waited, and this one cracked us up. It's got to be one of the stupidest songs ever written. Plus, I love the great clothes! Check out this groovy tune. "I Love My Shirt," by Trev and Simon.

My mom told me this one was about getting ice cream. I was old enough not to believe her. Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band came out in 1976.

Jord Wooden Watch Giveaway
And finally, stayed tuned to my blog because I am going to be giving away a beautiful Jord watch real soon. Here's one of my favorite songs about time from Chicago, "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" It was released in 1969.

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