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Thursday, April 7, 2016

From Airport to Jaffa to Mul Kineret

   Remember my fortune cookie: You will soon be crossing great waters on a fun vacation? It actually was true, but I didn't want to say much about this on social media. I've spent the last week on a family vacation in Israel. Being that our
youngest daughter has been living in R'hovot since September, and my husband and I are celebrating thirty years of marriage come May, we needed to go for a visit. In fact, I told my husband, "If you don't take me somewhere good, there won't be a 31st." So, here we go with the whole family!

   Shortly after arriving from a ten hour flight into Ben Gurion Airport, we drove north to the beautiful ocean shores in the city of Jaffa. When my son asked where The Old Man in the Sea was, I said, "In your room on the shelf." He didn't mean the book. We dined in a delightful place along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

   Having never been there before, finding the entrance to the place was tough. Remember, we had just arrived from a ten hour flight, not counting the trip to New York. When we passed the back door into the kitchen, the chef let us in while announcing, "The VIPs are here!"

   He was probably thinking, Oh good, some dumb American's. Upon sitting down, we heard click, click, click as they slammed forty tiny dishes of interesting salads in front of us. And the fish platter. Egads! Face and all.

   Notice the concerned look on my husband's face as he worried about the bill. We weren't good at saying, "LO!" when the pushy staff brought everything.

   "Don't worry. You like. It good." Yes, it was; however, I felt a little guilty knowing some fish gave its life on a hook, and we didn't even eat him. We were so full, that we probably left more on the table than we ate. :(

After leaving the restaurant, we
wandered through the streets of Jaffa and back to the car. I actually saw a fountain and square I'd remembered from the last time I was in Israel thirty-one years, ago.

Finally, we drove two hours to spend the night at a tiny bed and breakfast off the Kinneret (Christians refer to it as the Sea of Galilee). It was a cozy little honeymoon suite for five of us. While my middle daughter was in the shower, my youngest and I explored the outside of our room and decided to mess with her. The window to the shower was slightly open so we pushed on it. Joke's on us. We instantly heard the voice of an angry man. Oops! That wasn't our bathroom.

More vacation fun to come.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Musical Monday - Purim

We spent Purim in Jerusalem. The dancing, costumes, and festivities were so much fun. It felt like Mardi Gras meets Halloween!