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Sunday, June 18, 2017

#MMMM Wonderful Places!

Musical Monday is all about songs with places in their titles. I would love to travel to these places this summer, but whoa is me, I'm not going to any beaches or mountains.

This song is in honor of my daughter Erica who is spending a good part of her summer in the Colorado Rockies. I wish I could join her!

In honor of Erica, I will also feature her beautiful clipart. She is quite talented and even bakes adorable and delicious cakes. Here's the one she made for Cinco De Mayo. If anyone lives in Atlanta, she will be moving there and needs some buyers for her cakes.

I love her movie clip art, too!
clipart, TpT

Sunday, June 4, 2017

#MMMM: Sibling's Day

I know I've posted this video before but when the topic is "Sibling's Day", there is none better. I am fortunate enough to have one big bother and two older sisters. My family is so cool that I couldn't help but follow them wherever they went. I remember this song coming on the radio while my sister gave me dirty looks. Too bad. She's stuck with me! Here is Sweet.

I followed my sister so much, that I even attended DEPO, which was the high school dance! I remember one of her guy friends getting on his knees to dance with me. I'm not sure what song we danced to, but DEPO always makes me think of Peter Frampton, so here he is. On another note, one of my son's friends is a neighbor of Frampton's, in Nashville. Old man Frampton has lost his beautiful long hair, but he still is a legacy, at least in my mind! I love the Moog Synthesizer.

Happy birthday to Mary's brother! 
My oldest sister also has a June birthday. 
She will be XX on June 18th. 
Hint: She's six and a half years older than me, 
so DANG, she's old. 
Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Do you need a way to keep little siblings happy so that they don't tag after the big ones all summer long? If so, Catch My Products!

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