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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to Solve Logic Puzzles

After thirty years of teaching gifted and talented students, logic was one of my kids' most popular activities. They really seemed to enjoy the challenge! If you've never done it, it's not tough to get started. Once kids know how to fill out a grid, it's a print and go activity.

gifted and talented, bright kids

No matter how old the child, if they've never solved a logic problem, I start them with a basic puzzle, like above. I'll treat the rows of the grid as ownership. For example, Aundrea owns all of the boxes next to her name; however, ownership is shared with the colors. Blue owns all of the boxes in the column below the word.

teaching logic, education

Next, I'll point to different boxes and ask, "Who owns this one?" Once the kids understand how the grid works, we move on to the symbols.

I will ask a child, "When you make a mistake on a paper, how does your teacher let you know something is wrong?" I am looking for the idea of an /X/ to show incorrect. Once that is understood, I introduce /O/ to show that something is right.

We will then work a puzzle together.

logic problem, puzzles

If your student is an older child, you'll need to challenge him or her with a multi-grid puzzle. These work just as the basic grids, except students are solving three puzzles at once. Also, kids will need to look at the other grids to solve the one they are working on. I call this feeding off of the grid.

matrix logic grid

Sometimes, I will use side notes to help organize my thoughts, too.

logic instruction, how to logic

Once your kids get the hang of it, logic puzzles make for great centers, work for early finishers, or just a fun and challenging reward for the students. Logic puzzles involve higher level / critical thinking skills and may be worked independently or in cooperative groups. Also, we all know the boy or girl in class who is brilliant, finishes everything early, and constantly needs something to do. Here you go!

If you'd like to give logic a try, the samples I used are from FREE products that can be downloaded at Catch My Products. Here are the links:

free logic puzzles

gifted and talented, logic

If you decide to use these logic puzzles, 
I would greatly appreciate feedback.


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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Independence Day Music & Sales

Monday Music Moves Me's theme this week is songs of Independence; but before I post the songs, I must tell you about our Dollar Deals. Just go to Teachers Pay Teachers and search #TPTFIREWORKS, and you will find a plethora of great products for only $1.

TpT, sales, teacher

I love John Phillip Sousa, and his music fits the Independence Day sale, too, so hum along.

You know what else?

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Figurative Language

So hurray! The deals end July 5th.

Here's another song about America.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cool Hats for Men

My son, Daniel, has a great 4th of July sale item at Mister Hats!
For a limited time, one can buy this navy hat that normally 
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men's fashion, Fedora

This classic American made Dobbs Hat is perfect for all patriots. 
Celebrate American pride on the 4th with cool hats for men! 
A wide brim Fedora will look great while you BBQ and watch fireworks.

hat shopping, 4th of July