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Monday, July 16, 2018

Songs With Numbers

It's Monday, which means time for "Musical Monday Moves Me." I've been moved from the Teachers Pay Teachers conference. I have strong NUMBERS of new bundles out, so here are songs with numbers . . . after all that is the theme.

When I think of songs with numbers, I immediately hum Three Dog Night's, "One is the Loneliest Number." This is true. It takes a community to raise a child and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the TpT seller's community last week!

It's fun to revisit the sixties. We used to call these people "long-haired hippy freaks," but actually, they are way cooler than the bands today! Also, I love seeing sexy young men with man buns.

When teaching fractions, one way to explain them to the kids is to call them broken numbers. Furthermore, the prefix "fract" means broken or cracked. If you break your arm, the doctors may refer to it as a "fracture." "Fracking" means getting oil or gas from a rock. I guess they must break stones to get something out of it. So why the talk about fractions? Because I just finished a new Fraction Bundle, and it is selling for 50% off, for today only!

And now, for a number song involving fractions. 

When it comes to educational topics, you can find anything on Youtube. This may be a little off topic, but it is MY #1 favorite educational song from way back when, so it must pass. Here it is! Enjoy.

Friday, July 13, 2018

I'm a Teacher: If You're a Teacher, Read on.

I am a teacher, and here are my thoughts about teaching after attending a TpT conference.

I just attended this year's TpT conference in Nashville. It was a lot of fun, educational, and above all else, I made great friends from all over the place! I even met someone from my same city.

Teacher friends.
I'm in the middle between a friend who lives in my town and one who came from Australia!

A large part of the message was to blog. I taught in public school for thirty years and have yet to offer one piece of advice to beginner teachers. Sorta. I know two years ago at the Orlando conference they asked me what I would tell new teachers, and I yelled, "RUN!" If you didn't listen to your mother, who had spent a life time teaching and told you not to, you're stuck. After all, many of us get bitten by the teaching bug, and there is no getting out.

I Got Stuck Being a Teacher.

I was in college, I had an argument with a professor after I told him I was changing my major out of teaching.      
Girl punches man - she's a teacher.
No I did not punch him. Who do you think I am?
He said, "You're going to be a teacher."

I said, "I am not."

He told me I could go on to the School of Journalism, but I'd be back because he knew a teacher when he saw one.

I later crawled back to him to tell him I was going to be a teacher, only to get an, "I know."

So Now, You Are a Teacher.

Here's what you gotta know. Get on the Teachers Pay Teachers site because it has a lot of great materials on it. . . many for free. If your administrator is not on board, so sorry. My school is connected with TpT for Schools. If I see something I like, I click a button. If my admin likes it, too, she buys it for me. It doesn't get any easier than that, so tell you principal about TpT for Schools.

Teaching Advice:

Finally, thirty years and you want advice. Here you go. I don't care how many balls are on the upper elementary or middle school (if you STILL have recess) playground. The word is singular. The boys need to grab their "ball" when it's
child in shock about teacher.
time to come inside.

Have a great day, teacher, and don't forget to Catch My Products!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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