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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leaving Gee's Bend - My review

I first met Irene Latham and heard about her book, "Leaving Gee's Bend," at a Midsouth SCBWI Writer's Conference. Although Irene is a nice person, I honestly had no desire to read a book about people stitching quilts in the south. Boy had I misjudged her book! I thoroughly enjoyed Irene's delightful tale of Ludelphia Bennet, a poor African American girl from the 1930s, who only wanted to save her dying mother by traveling to Camden to bring Doc Nelson to her mom's bedside. I found myself quickly engaged in this book and wanting to read any chance I got. Ms. Latham also captured Ludelphia's voice as if she herself had lived this life. I would highly recommend "Leaving Gee's Bend."

1 comment:

Ann Braden said...

I agree. I loved Leaving Gee's Bend. The main character Ludelphia felt so real to me.