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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sea Shells

This week on Writer's Post, we were given a picture prompt and the word "nascent;" so, here is a story to show how I left the place I love and my boring existence began.

Plus "nascent"

From my wooden prison, I remember the day that demon child snatched me off the soft, white sands of the beach. With a tight squeeze, he almost cracked me. “Mommy! Look!” he said. The Coppertone-scented lady barely nodded. She didn’t even notice my bronze color, perfect arch, or straight ridges gently curving to a rounded end. I yearn for the sun, breeze, and massaging ocean waves. Even those pesky seagulls constantly flipping me over in their relentless hunt for scallops were better than being stuck in a drawer with a taciturn Brown Recluse who's as boring as a hermit crab. Nascent means beginning to show signs of future potential. Now I have the potential to make this kid cool when he shows me off. Big whoop!

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Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

I'm such a ditz... I had to read it three times before I realized that you wrote from the stand point of the shell.. LOL... Great job!

Claudia Moser said...

Cool approach!

Tara Tyler said...

i love that picture! and the shell is so right! great piece of writing =)

shelly said...


Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Wonderful. Love the shell's take on life.

Catch My Words said...

Thanks, all! I had fun writing this.

Paula Martin said...

Great take on this picture prompt, I love the shell's POV.

Jenn said...

I could have sworn I commented--glad I double checked!! I just loved this--awesome perspective ;). Great job!! Jenn.