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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dinner at Hamburger Mary's

Last night, my daughter Erica, niece Jessica, her good friend Kendall, and I went out to dinner at Hamburger Mary's in Orlando. While at the restaurant, Joan Crawford led us in several fun rounds of trivia. The first step to the trivia game was to choose a group name that needed to be terribly dirty and disgusting. To quote Marissa Tomei from  My Cousin Vinny, "They Worh!" Some memorable teams were "I Have 69 Problems Because my Girl Friend is a Midget" and "If the Red River Flows, Take the Dirt Path." Miss Crawford didn't like our team name because he is not a Harry Potter fan. We called ourselves, "You Can Slytherin My Chamber of Secrets."

Our Drag Queen Host
The names were just a small sampling of the fun to be had at trivia night. All of the questions centered around movie themes. I learned that the number one hit song from a movie is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," of The Wizard of Oz fame; Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar eighteen times; and the Oscars were delayed in 1968 when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.

We also had fun with our trivia MC's off the cuff comments. For example, when a lady ran to get her prize, he said, "Here comes a lady with a bad bra." Also, when mentioning gays, he pointed to a table and said, "Like you guys." Finally, a woman celebrating her upcoming wedding was asked the gender of her beloved. When she said she was marrying a man, he wanted to know why she came to a gay establishment to celebrate. He thought she was just rubbing in the fact that she CAN get married.

Our last round was called the Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay Round. All of the questions involved either gay actors, actresses, or movies. Since our host told us we could change our names and most of us should, we decided to call ourselves, Straight,  Straight, Straight, Straight,  Straight, Straight. When people booed, he wanted to know which table we were at. I tried to duck low, but after awhile my daughter raised her hand, since he wasn't letting this one go. He said, "We were alright" and wanted to know why we never have our own parade. I guess it's time to plan a Straight Pride Parade.


joeh said...

Sounds like fun.

Binky said...

Definitely not your normal restaurant!

adhi das said...

To a wonderful mom teacher aunty just interesting to read what u write..GOD love u:)

Teresa Cypher said...

lol! You have a wonderful sense of humor, Joyce I love your "Straight" names. Too funny!

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I'm so bad at trivia! Sounds like a fun night.

mail4rosey said...

Sounds like he was full of the jokes. LOL at your daughter raising her hand while you hunkered.

Unknown said...

What a super fun night out!! I think I would have spent the entire time laughing!!

eastcoastlife said...

I would love to join in the fun. :)