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Monday, February 15, 2016

#MM Stardom

     Last week, I took the stage as a dancing queen. Let's see if you can find me. Here's a hint. I chose to hide behind an incredibly gorgeous teacher in hopes that all of the daddies would be too busy looking at her to even notice the old lady behind her. I don't know if it worked or not, but I do know, I was pretty relaxed on stage when I thought about the beauty queen in front of me.

     On another note, did you notice the beautiful woman in the front row with the purple boa. That's my friend Tanya. Last Tuesday, the second grade teachers put a red carpet (mural paper) with stars in her classroom. We've all been vicariously living her dream as she's partying with the stars. Her husband, Boo, is up for a GRAMMY AWARD for producing Uptown Funk! I hold onto every picture Tanya posts on Facebook as she shares her weekend. She even posted a picture of her with Taylor Lautner. I guess she's seeing plenty of non-musicians on her journey, too. I plan to be looking for her on the Grammy Awards, tonight, and hope Boo brings a trophy home to Memphis. So proud! Here is Boo's production.

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Stacy Uncorked said...

You looked like you had so much fun doing Dancing Queen with all your cohorts! :) That's so cool about your friend/colleague you get to live vicariously though - LOVE Uptown Funk!! Have a great week you dancing queen you! ;)

My Church may be Upside Down & Inside Out but i’m gonna Hold On to my History

stevebethere said...

Was that you with the pink boa back row 2 right I could tell as well because of your last dance video with the wrong moves LOL

Well I thoroughly enjoyed that Joyce looked like you all did too ..a big round of applause from me :-)

I lurrrve Uptown Funk too :-)

Have a dancingqueentastic day :-)

Catch My Words said...

That would be me. I had a blast being a starlet!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Joyce, it looks like you and all the ladies had a blast! Now, that's some interesting info about your friend's husband producing Uptown Funk. I hope Boo wins the Grammy because that would be just so cool. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

Kismaslife said...

Haha, how fun is that! Well done.

Binky said...

Fuchsia! You can't hide from us.

Colette S said...

Oh what fun! I bet practice was hilarious!
Glad y'all had a great time!
I try to hide from camera too :)

mail4rosey said...

ha, that's a fun video! Good luck to your friend's husband. I hope he brings home an award. :)