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Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Men

April is a special month because it is the birth month of my men. On April 6th, we watched our first born become stinking old! How can I be 29 years-old when my kid just turned 28? Then again, I haven't been 29 in years because lying upward is more fun.

A week later, April 13th, my husband will turn 43. When he turned 50, he decided to age backwards. . . which makes me a total cougar, if I'm 84. Heck! I'm a cougar at my real age, too. So here's my choice, I can be a twenty-nine year old, having a kid whose twenty-eight or an eighty-four year old being married to a forty-three-year-old. Neither, sounds like a good option.

So, let's go back to my post title: My Men. It used to be this way. There was a time when I had my man and my little man. I still have my man, as in we're getting ready to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary; however, with my husband turning 43, that means I should be in jail for hooking up with a thirteen year old back when. 

Not good!

As for my little man. He gave up being mine. First there was his car. Daniel's first word was "car," so how was a mom to compete with a Jetta. His first car was actually an old minivan--Dontarius, but I'm not sure whether or not he loved it like his Jetta. As for my husband, he's not only smoking hot, but he's also quite clever and observant. When Daniel was sixteen, and the law specified that he could only have one passenger at a time with his new driver's license, my husband was quick to notice that the back seat of the van was no longer in the garage. So, when Daniel pulled up to a friend's house with a van full of teenagers, we were waiting in the driveway.

Next came this:

Perhaps you've noticed Ruby as the goofy picture that is my blog logo. She is most certainly Daniel's girl, and they've been hanging around together for nine years. However, he left his love with us for the Israel trip and has yet to pick up his package, so maybe she's losing momentum. Maybe, just maybe, he loves me more than his dog. Fat chance of that. 

And when it comes to love, I'm now pushed down the importance meter by Daniel's cute girlfriend. She is absolutely everything I was looking for when I advertised for his wife on his 25th birthday, but I am also further down on the importance meter.

That's okay. Mothers aren't supposed to stay as number one in their sons' lives. Number one is what I'm supposed to be in my husband's life, and I am. Right, Mitchell? Mitchell? That's right isn't it? He's not answering.

Anyway, happy birthday to Mitchell and Daniel! Whether you claim me or not, I still belong to the two of you . . . and my girls!


messymimi said...

Wishing many happy returns of the day to both of your men!

Rhonda Albom said...

Happy birthday to both your men. And I know the real age answer, but I won't tell.

Binky said...

Ageing gets very tricky as we get older, since we all age at different rates, and the negative years thing tends to kick in at various ages, depending on the person. Nice to see your family, Joyce!

mail4rosey said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome fellas!! March is the birthday month here. Three of my four are March babies. :)