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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Enriching Children While Using the Dictionary

Let's face it. Even though kids may be gifted or quite bright, there are basic skills that they do not do well, such as using the dictionary. As a result, I created these power points with higher level questioning in an attempt to even make a basic skill enriching.

This is important as a gifted and talented teacher because when I wrote these, I was expecting a "drop in" evaluation, and I better be enriching these kids in everything I do. So, this power point uses the gradual release method to teach kids to use guide words. Plus, it follows the animal unit we were doing. It also contains standards, connections to past learning, tell your neighbor prompts, and all of the other expectations should one be evaluated while using this lesson.

Plus, my creation includes colorful pages and clip art designs. I would appreciate your purchase and feedback for these products from Gifted and Talented Materials by Joyce Lansky. 

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messymimi said...

How i wish i'd had teaching materials like this when i was a kid, or a home-school mom.

mail4rosey said...

Ah drop in evaluations are always fun. :) It's smart to create materials to enrich areas we assume our children know...but do they really?! I know I've never deliberately sat down with my son and shown him how to do it outside of more than once, maybe twice in his whole 8yrs!

Marie Moody said...

I had four children born 69 & 72, (one in 77 which passed from SIDS), therefore a bit of a gap in the next two 79 & 80. My first two due to working so much being a single mother I bought them the educational (of grades) coloring & answer the questions for that grade, but it was more fun I'm sure than school because they could color the 3 + 3 if you know what I mean. I bought them all for my two oldest and I'd give them stars & made if fun for them. One time I even took them to a carnival if they finished a book with a star for everyone. Those two both graduated with honors. My last two I was home a bit more often and was able to play with them and teach them myself, but it didn't hold their interest as much as the books did evidently and my son dropped out of high school & my daughter the preemie and youngest was put into special ed, but is now a Nurse today. Go figure. I swear by those books & the smarts enough to buy them for my children. I think you know what I'm saying and I admire you for the talent you have to teach young children & make it interesting enough to keep them focused. I applaud you.

Binky said...

I'm surprised they even use dictionaries these days.

Joyce Lansky said...

I have an essay question at the end addressing that very same comment.

Rhonda Albom said...

Sounds like a interesting guide. I hope you sell lots.