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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Music From the Young

I've been amazed with how many young artist have made it to singing stardom. These kids are good! I've played their songs on the blog before, but each have several hits to share. First up is Shawn Menedez playing "Stitches". I love the song, but I have to admit, the video is goofy. I mean, who is hitting the kid? Ghost attacks!

Last week, I played a George Ezra song and yes, he does not look like his voice sounds! Before seeing the artist, I pictured an old man. This is my favorite of his songs. "Budapest."

Finally, here's a different kind of young. Enjoy "Old Man" by Neil Young.


messymimi said...

Great choices!

Binky said...

90's music is still new to me.

Mary B said...

Perfect combination of young and old! Of course, my favorite of the set is Neil Young. But the others did well, too.

Jingle Jangle Jungle

Rhonda Albom said...

LOL - I love that you included Neil Young and that you chose Old Man for the song.

XmasDolly said...

Love your combination girlfriend! Absolutely marvey songs as my granddaughter says. I guess "marvey" is her latest word! KIDS! hahaha Remember when our parents use to say that? hahahahaha Anyway, havin' a heck of a time typing because I cut the top of my index finger & lots of blood :( so, gonna cut this short! OUCH DON'T SAY CUT!!!! Have a goodnight & great job... love your choices.

Cathy Kennedy said...


The Voice had Shawn Mendes on the show a few weeks back and I was surprised to learn how young he is. Voices sometimes do not match with what you think a person looks like but I don't I didn't perceive that George was old or young or anything. My mind went blank. I got a bit of chuckle out of your last song selection, an 'Old Man' sung by Young. :D Thanks for sharing the dance floor with us, my friend. Have a good week!

bookworm said...

I enjoyed that Shawn Mendez "ghost attack" song (I couldn't quite figure out the video, either). Neil Young is an old (no pun intended) favorite of mine. Alana

Colette S said...

That is true about the new singers. Every now and then I do find a good rocker.
Thanks for sharing.

Stacy Uncorked said...

HA! I thought the same thing about the Stitches music video - two great minds! ;)

Love all you song choices, Joyce! Hope you had a great Mother's Day! :)