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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back to School & SALE

Back to School season is near or here. Depending on who you are, you are either celebrating, crying, or indifferent. For those of you crying, I hear ya. For many years, I'd always get a little weepy around the fourth of July. Seeing those beautiful fire crackers let me know that my summer vacation freedom would be drawing to a close. Since I retired, and teach part time, I don't feel that way anymore.

Good News, though! Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Back to School sale. My store will be set at 20% off for both sale days, August 1st & 2nd! PLUS if you enter the code BTSFRESH at checkout, you will receive an EXTRA 5% OFF!  I have a lot of new bundles that are already at 30% off. Between the sale and the code, you can get a great deal on these!

As for your thoughts on back to school . . . 

You will Survive

clipart of teacher crying
         Thanks to Educlips.

For those of you crying, here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you start the new year.

You WILL survive. I've had 31 years of teaching - some good, some bad - but I got through them all.  Some survival tips I've learned over the years are:

1.) Stay out of the Teachers' Lounge.

Teachers' lounges can be a great place to discuss problems with others, but they can also be a hornet's nest of trouble. Be careful not to spend too much time there because conversations can lead to negativity, or you might just say something you'll regret later. I remember a group of sixth grade teachers who became incredibly negative as the year wore on. Being around them made it hard to keep a positive attitude, so it was better to just avoid them. Nice people, but real Debbie Downers!

Debbie Downer Meme

2.) Keep up with Your Work Load.

teacher has too much work.

I admit, this is easier said than done. There are teachers who stay after school for hours and those who go home as soon as the bell rings. I can't tell you what type of teacher to be because we all have different situations in our lives. On multiple occasions, I'd try to take my work home, only to never do anything with it! I know teachers who will be up all night grading papers, after they get the kids to bed, but I could never do that. I was the one who would stay at school late and bring nothing home. As long as the work gets done, it doesn't matter how you do it. But the important thing is to stay focused! You can waste hours day dreaming by looking around your room or visiting with coworkers. You need to get your work done and maybe have a life. Mom warned you not to be a teacher. Too late. You're a Teacher.

3.) Try to Have a Life.

words from Shining
We've heard, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." 

That's not to mean you're going to run out on a murder rampage, like in "The Shining" if you work all the time. Of course, then again, there are those politicians who want to arm teachers. That would put a whole new meaning to "behavior management." But, it's easy to get into an emotional rut if you never do anything with your family or that is fun. You could see the latest movie in the theater, if your husband doesn't teach, too, or how about a downtown ghost tour.  Did you know that I am also a ghost tour guide in Memphis? If you're ever in town, come see me!

Woodruff Fountaine House

I love the Woodruff Fountaine house! It's so beautiful and spooky at the same time. Definitely haunted! I even saw the ghost cat one night. And, I saw Mollie Woodruff's butt print on the side of her bed.

Check us out!


messymimi said...

Keeping up instead of catching up is the best advice in almost every situation and every line of work. Hope you’ve had a great summer, and sell a lot these next two days!

Rhonda Albom said...

I am surprised to read about the teacher's lounge being a negative. Remembering way back to my high school days, it always seemed so mysterious and wonderful.

Binky said...

We've still got over a month left before the little rug rats go back to school.

Robson Pensador said...

I loved your blog, it's good, congratulations.
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mail4rosey said...

I read the comment about the bus getting crashed, geez!! I am in my 2nd year teaching and I Love it. It does take up a lot of home time though.