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Thursday, March 21, 2019

April Fools Day Logic Fun

Do you love April Fools Day?

March is really buzzing by fast and before we know it, it will be April Fools Day. I love the fun spirited pranks that go along with the day. Kids always think they are so clever pulling the same old pranks we did when young. They really haven't changed all that much. It's the parents who have changed, but that's another blog post.

Toy story hat for April Fools Day Fun
Anyway, April Fools Day means trickery. My favorite school prank involved a principal coming to a teachers class to pull him out in the hall and whisper the "bad news." Ha! Ha! Apparently, the state had lost the kids achievement test scores, and the kids were going to have to take the tests all over, again. There never were so many pale faced kids in one room since the blizzard of 1888. There really was a blizzard, then. You can look it up.

Next, came everyone's favorite phrase:
APRIL FOOLS! Gotta love it!

Here are two resources to add to your April Fools Day fun.

If you want some April Fools Day fun with your class, check out my logic puzzles. Each one sells for $1.12. Why the .12¢? Why not?

This first one is fun because the teachers play the jokes on the kids. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? There is definitely something karma-like about teaching. I must have destroyed a village in a past life and now these kids are getting back at me!

cover of product that is good for April Fools Day and Christmas
Check this out! Santa and The April Fools Day Prankster is a great seasonal product because it can be used twice a year. Don't think those naughty pranksters are going to fool ole Santa! And if you don't have time to get it done, pull it out for Christmas.

These puzzles are great for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students in the gifted and talented class or a regular classroom.
I hope you'll stop by Catch My Products to find fun resources for your kids.

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messymimi said...

April Fool can be such fun. One of my favorite pranks was in the book Peter Potts. where Peter and his friends "spider web" the classroom.

Binky said...

I thought all kids loved taking tests.

Lisa Resnick said...

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mail4rosey said...

We had state testing shortly after and I briefly considered telling my students it had been upped to 4/1 (with a hearty April Fool's short thereafter). I didn't do it though. :)

damon salvator said...

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