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Monday, August 5, 2019

TpT Sale for Back To School

August 6 & 7,
my store will be set at 20% off!

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Catch My Products
Here are a few of my most popular bundles.

Wondering how to get your bright students involved with critical thinking skills? 
Here is a bundle of brain teasers and logic puzzles to meet your students' needs year round!

a year long bundle of brain teases

Are you tired of searching for fun activities throughout the year? 
Here's a way to have it all in one purchase.

#TpT, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades

You have bright, young students in your class who finish everything early and need a brain teaser challenge, but nothing in the textbooks gives you what you need. Through this challenging Mega-Bundle you'll find SIX complete booklets with two solo samples for a total of thirty-four logic puzzles from the very beginner to the advanced beginner puzzle solver.

#tpt booklet of beginner challenges for school

Do you have trouble getting your kids to use accountable talk or to respond to open ended questions during class discussions? If so, this bundle is made for you! With easy to use printable pages that will have your students excited about learning this resource will make accountable talk super easy.

eleven stories to get kids to add to class discussions

Also, take a look at this new product!

Are you on the lookout for fun reading passages because your social studies book is not grabbing your students' interest? Find this bundle complete with everything you need to engage and challenge you kids. Your students will love these easy to print and go stories with questions and activities that will teach history in an exciting way.

Six reading passages that are historical

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Binky said...

A lot of people could use a lesson or two in logic these days.