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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Real Friend

Coolest Shoes Ever!
Can you guess who I'm with? It's Rhonda from Laugh Quotes. Over thirty years ago we roomed together at the University of Missouri.

We took a trip to Boston to visit my sister. Just for kicks we said, "Hello" to everyone we passed on the street . . . or in the ocean. :)

We spent a New Year's Eve in Chicago. Like the shirts we made? So what if the necklines weren't centered.

Here's a picture of Rhonda from the last time we were together. She is with her teenager. Girl! It's been way too long. Come back to Memphis.

Sorry about the white around the pictures. I had a lot of trouble getting these to show on the blog at all. Please click on my Picket Fence Button and hers.