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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Mitchell and I saw Pompeii in 3D. This movie proved to be great entertainment with its engaging plot, fabulous sets, and hot male lead–since it was too dark in the theater to stare at my handsome husband. Pompeii proved to be everything a Hollywood disaster film should be, but it wasn't real.

As someone who has actually been to Pompeii in Italy, the teacher in me screamed, That's not what really happened! So I must correct the plot for all the young and impressionable. I found the historical accuracy so disturbing that a warning sign needs to be posted for students: WARNING. The events in this film are fictional. With sign in place, one may now enjoy this exciting movie. 

Here's the real deal.

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, there was no time to panic and dash away from spitting rocks and slow moving lava. None of the poor souls fossilized in ash appeared to be running for their lives. At most, they found time to shield an arm over a face as lava rushed at them. Furthermore, the city I toured remained totally intact rather the war zone depicted in the movie. 

Although Vesuvius' eruption was totally wrong, I was pleased to see what went right. For example, the ancient pizza parlor operated with smoke from the oven and a circular indent in the rock was correct. Also, the homes with detailed floor designs resembled those I'd toured too, except the movie set contained the beautiful plants and water that has disappeared from modern Pompeii. Also, the movie producers wisely failed to include the swastika signs that symbolized goodness back in 79 AD. They did, however, show the political unrest of the times. One can actually see the dissatisfaction of the people through ancient graffiti perfectly preserved on stones throughout the city.

Also, the movie failed to picture one of the most interesting and disturbing aspects of Pompeii. The city was dotted with whore houses complete with wall drawings for sailors who did not speak the language. One simply entered the brothel and pointed to exactly what they wanted. Yay for Hollywood. For once, they didn't fall into the old sex scenes to sell movies.