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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dogwood Loves Dogs

Hello, peeps! I know I usually post Wordless Wednesday pictures on Tuesday nights, but I'm so excited to tell you about my school, that I figured I'd go ahead and spread my story right now. I'm participating in Fenced in by Love's Campaign to find the organization of the year that makes a difference in surrounding dogs with tenderness and affection.

Although Dogwood Elementary School's mascot is the dolphin, maybe it should
Ms. Pittman gives treat to Penny
be the dog for there's no 
shortage of love for these furry animals at this school in Germantown, Tennessee. For the past two years, dogs who accompany their kids to school receive a tasty treat and multiple pats on the head through the car window. These same dogs can gobble up a second goody at the end of the school day. 

This Dogwood tradition provides a fun human/animal connection for fourth and fifth grade safety patrol members, staff working the car line, and the dogs as well. The kids eagerly watch the cars to see if Cookie or Max will be pulling in soon. When the dogs arrive, students must learn compromising skills for determining who will be the lucky kid to give out a treat. The kids know all the dogs by name and what kind of car they will arrive in. As a staff member, I too enjoy visiting with our fur babies. I've especially enjoyed watching one puppy triple in size.

Many parents have reported stories about their dogs waiting at the door to go to school on Monday morning, as if they instinctively know the week end is over. Our snow day (or rather freezing rain day) proved to be a huge disappointment for Penny, the dog pictured above, without her twice daily visit to school. She arrives each morning with a puddle of drool dripping down the side of the van. Although her owner must constantly wipe the side of her car, she still brings our friend to school. Penny even brought donuts to car lane workers to celebrate Christmas one December morning.

Kona at Work
Dogwood Elementary School also enjoys a therapy dog on Wednesdays. Kona has been certified as a therapy dog and as a reading dog. He tries to visit school each week to allow special education students to read to him, as well as some struggling readers. The children light up at the chance to read to Kona. His services also provided a popular auction item at the fund raiser because every kid wants a chance to read to Kona. 

So what's next for Dogwood? Get this: Hollywood Feed Pet Store plans to donate the biscuits for the dogs and two aprons with treat pockets for the lucky school auction winners who will get to feed biscuits to our friends during the morning drop off. This should be a great way to continue the dog love at Dogwood Elementary School.

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