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Showing posts with label evil. Show all posts

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Dear World,

I'M SORRY. In a past life I did something awful and now you seek revenge. I was not thinking when I sacked your village and plundered your precious silver. We barbarians did those sorts of things. When I smashed golden statues in your palace, it was the alcohol forced upon us pawns. Stealing your boat and leaving you stranded on an island was not cool, but what did you expect from pirates? I honestly don't remember what I did, but it must have been terrible because the karma coming at me in this life is strong, and I'm tired.

Also, if I did anything naughty this past year, please forgive me for that, too.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#GBE2 & #AtoZ: The Big O

Letter O is for Orthography.  For those of you unfamiliar with the word, orthography means spelling. It's a big O because to spell incorrectly is to change meaning, if ewe no what eye mean?

I may not always know the correct spelling of a word, but I can tell when something is wrong. For example, one of my students wrote a story about a girl in a  

"SATAN dress."   
Muah, hah, hah.

I envisioned fiery red flames shooting from the character's waist while devowering everyone she ventures in contact with. Definitely not school appropriate as devil horns protrude from her evil skull. 


The little girl's story involved cute little bunnies hopping around colorful egg-filled baskets. Could she have meant satin?

The big O also stands for Oh, no!