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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Theme Thursday: Togetherness with Glasses


Here it is another year of Thanksgiving family togetherness and stories of do you remember when? Being the youngest in my family, it’s quite possible that there are more stories about me than anyone else. It’s not that I caused the most mischief, but rather, there were more sibs around to catch me at it. Not to mention that someone was always ready to set up the gullible little sister to carry out evil plans.

I grew up in a small St. Louis neighborhood with Leonard Slatkin, the famous symphony conductor, right next door. When his face appeared on the cover of our new phone book, he-who-must-not-be-named sent me on a mission to get Mr. Slatkin’s autograph. How was I  to know the great conductor would open his door with only a towel around his waist? Furthermore, I was too young to realize how gauche it was to ask him for his autograph in that situation. Being a good sport, Mr. Slatkin autographed my phone book and off I went only to be reminded of my faux pas at Thanksgiving get togethers forty years later.

I didn’t need eyeglasses to see the obvious during my childhood. Each member of my family wore a pair of specs while I enjoyed perfect vision. Not anymore. I blame it on childbirth because that’s when my vision went south. This Thanksgiving when my sister brings her new boyfriend to the family meal, I need either glasses or contacts to inspect him clearly. It's even better to find cheap eyeglasses that can be ordered here.

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Good looking stranger in glasses. :)

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