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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kennedy Vs. Obama

Fifty years ago yesterday, John F Kennedy was shot. Now that wasn't nice, but at least he was treated a lot better than our current president before his death. Between the Cuban Missile Crisis and Civil Rights, he made some unpopular decisions; however, if you watch the old clips of the president speaking, everyone stood up and applauded for him, even those from the opposing party. What happened to the respect that comes with the job of President? If one doesn't respect the man, one should at least respect the office.

JFK with his Adorable Grandson
The opposing party and the public's treatment of Barach Obama shows an overall decline of good manners in this country. Perhaps this stems from reality TV. One can watch shows where people make crass comments about others and embarrass them on national TV. This teaches our young that it is okay not to treat others with dignity. This lack of good manners has seeped all the way up to the oval office. Or is horrible treatment of Mr. Obama due to his skin color? If that's the case, back in the early sixties, being Catholic, like President Kennedy, was also discriminated against and JFK was our first Catholic president. Yet still, the opposing party and the public treated him with the dignity of one who is in the office of US president. I'm not talking about disagreeing with his politics. That's expected. I'm talking about giving him the ability to speak without interruption or the standing applause as he steps behind the podium. One can disagree with his politics all one wants, but treat him with the respect of one who is the president of our country. 

Several years ago, I was thoroughly appalled when I saw George and Laura Bush paper dolls on a store shelf. Our president and first lady were depicted in their underwear. That's not presidential and should not have been marketed! I'm all for free speech and expression, but there needs to be self imposed limits of what is proper or not. Presidents being sold in their underwear shows a disrespect for the man in office.

Although I may be dating myself, I remember a time when we got dressed up to fly on an airplane or go to see a play. With formal clothes comes formal behavior. Maybe we need to go back to dressing better; however, that doesn't stop the suit and tie yielding idiots in congress. So scratch that idea, too. Did you know that the words pro and con are opposites? This means that the opposite of progress is congress.

Progress is good, yet with every two steps forward, we seem to be taking one step back.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

#GBE2: Hop on Pop

"Hop. Hop. We like to hop. We like to hop on top of Pop."

"Stop! You must not hop on Pop."

This week's GBE2 prompt is to pick a line from a book and write about it. Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss is a strong story with well developed characters who like to skate on the dark side. The riveting plot places kids in extreme danger when they resort to Pop hopping.

But let's face it, one should not "Hop on Pop," and here's why. First off, if you're still calling your dad "Pop," chances are, you passed childhood a long time ago. Let's face it. How many kids do you know who call Daddy "Pop?"

So now that we've decided you're quite mature, Pop must be ancient--I mean hairs in the ears, false teeth, cane carrying old! The weak bones of senior citizens cannot handle being hopped on, especially if you're an American. Surely, you've heard the latest studies in the news. Obesity is at an epidemic in the states. With the width of average Americans, do grown fat people really need to be hopping on old men? Then again, there might be more to hop on if Pop is a butterball too. None the less, you might rupture Pop's spleen, break his bones, or God only knows what else.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named told me it is a biblical sin for an adult to make a parent bleed or to bruise one's dad. In fact, historically this was punishable by death. Many doctors will not operate on their parents for this reason. So, why in the world would you hop on Pop? Take my advice. Give it up, learn respect, and DON'T HOP ON POP!