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Sunday, March 29, 2015

#MM: Songs From When I Was Sixteen

Although this is a great topic, it does open me up to show just how old I really am. I was sixteen at a time of some of the best songs ever written. "Grease" came out that year, and many of those musical numbers climbed the billboard charts. When looking for these songs, I "Youtubed" the year and scribbled ideas on the back of a Back Yard Burgers receipt that I was supposed to use for a survey. I took the survey and submitted only to realize I was scoring with the great Firehouse Subs in mind. Oops. They'll really be surprised when they learn that the restaurant gave us free cookies. I don't think they have chocolate chip cookies on the menu.

As for the songs, I don't like to post more than three songs a week because I know we are all busy; however, it's going to be tough to narrow my list down to just three.

They don't make them like they used to, so enjoy some "Old Time Music" by Bob Seger.

And of course, who could forget the Village People? It was tough knowing whether to post Macho Man or YMCA, since they both came out in the same year. YMCA got a higher ranking, but being Jewish, we don't go to the Young Man's Christain Association. So, here's to those Macho Men. And to think, back in high school, it didn't even dawn on me that these guys were gay.

Now the last post is a tough decision. Do I go with Rolling Stones, "Miss You" or maybe The Jacksons singing "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground"? How about a little Cheap Trick? I originally saw this one as a 1978 hit, but then someone posted it as a 1979 favorite. Research tells me it was released on Halloween, 1977. Which just goes to show, I was listening to it at age 16.

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