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Friday, March 26, 2021

High School Reading Passages and Questions The History of Pandemics & COVID

As these difficult times surround us, many wonder how our pandemic compares to those that our ancestors suffered with throughout history. Being a curious sort, I researched and wrote this reading passage with higher level thinking questions about COVID and other pandemics. 

My thoughts of the past pandemics actually surfaced when I was a Historical Haunts tour guide. I told stories of Yellow Fever and how Spanish Flu killed Elliot Fountaine, a local spirit who has been seen and heard from during multiple investigations. Little did I know, Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain but rather in Kansas! 

If you'd like to learn and teach your high schoolers about pandemics, check out this popular reading passage.

Teens will love reading about diseases throughout history with these reading stories on Teachers Pay Teachers for schools first. #education #teachers #iteachtoo
Also, read what a buyer had to say.

"I used this as an activity when our school suddenly went to distance learning during quarantine. It was phenomenal. In fact it was so well done that I bridged a research paper from this activity as well. It was such a relief to have a relevant and well-made activity readily available at such a critical time. The author did a great job at compiling information and making thought-provoking and worthwhile questions. Seriously, thank you!!!"

Teach about yellow fever with history fiction passage about yellow fever. #TpT #teachersfollowteachers #iteach
I also have a historical fiction story on Yellow Fever for younger students in middle school or upper elementary.

Kids will love reading about George as he tries not to interact with the world around him during the fatal yellow fever epidemic of 1878. This passage also includes questions and a puzzle.

Teaching teens reading passage with questions lesson on Teacher Pay Teachers. #history #COVID #lessons

Thanks for reading about these resources! I have also written a high school passage about the Smallpox pandemic. I hope you'll have a closer look at my products.

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Teach reading, language arts to 5th grade through 12th with reading passages and questions on Teacher Pay Teachers. #teachersofig #teachersofthegram #teachers

Thursday, March 18, 2021

My Love of Writing!

I love to write, especially historical fiction pieces because I have fun learning about the past. I've recently gotten hooked on "Outlander," a Netflix show that features scenes from the 18th century. It's so much fun to get a look into the past, plus, before watching the show, I never knew anything about Scotland.

As a writer, I not only have created resources with writing tips but also have written a lot of fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction stories. These stories each contain challenging questions which make for a great buy on Teachers Pay Teachers. All of my stories are my original writing, no purchasing of a story from someone else. I'd often wondered where these resources with writing came from only to learn that a lot of sellers hire someone to write. Not me! 

Here is a peek of some of my reading passages for upper elementary or middle school students.

Since it's March, this might be a good time to look at my Irish stories.

4th grade, 5th grade reading comprehension passage with questions on Teachers Pay Teachers. Core standards based curriculum instruction for schools first. #tpt #teachersofig #iteachtoo
Take a look at young Frank, an Irish potato farmer, from around 1850, as he struggles with his new life in the Bronx of New York City. 

Although Frank is fictional, a lot of his troubles were real for the Irish immigrant of his time. Frank faces, disease and ridicule as he searches for an honest days work.

St. Patrick's Day article about Irish Castles on Teacher Pay Teachers. #education #teachersfollowteachers #teacherslife

My other story with Irish roots, "A Bloody Bad Life," comes from my experiences visiting a 15th century castle in Ireland. My husband and I took a tour, which inspired me to write this second person story that has been improved by my online teacher/author April Lurie when I took a writing class. 

Teach reading comprehension passages and questions to schools first on Teacher Pay Teachers. #education #iteach345 #iteach456

Each of these resources, as well as all of my reading passages, may be printed or used virtually for distance learning or center work.

If you like unusual reading passages and questions for your kids, please check out my reading passages bundle, which sells for 30% off the price of individual resources. Am I nuts to give such a steep discount? Maybe.

Friday, March 12, 2021

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P.S.S. I also posted a middle school reading passage on the Salem Witch Trials earlier in the week.

Teach with historical fiction story about Salem Witch Trials for your middle school students. #iteach567 #teacherspayteachers #iteachla