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"My Humorous Thoughts About Life & Teaching"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

#GBE2: Laughter

The theme of this week's GBE2 post is laughter. The first thing that came to mind was that delightful song from Mary Poppins. When the movie hit theaters in 1964, my mom wouldn't let me see it because, "I couldn't sit through a movie." Having never been to a movie, I pictured tall seats that one had to balance on or you'd fall off. Why else could I not "sit" through it? Eventually I saw reruns of Mary Poppins on cable, and this scene is awesome.

Laughing from a movie is great, but the best kind of laughter is the home-spun-something-funny-just-happened type. As a teacher, nothing beats making a class laugh. It satisfies my unfilled dream of being a stand up comic. I also hope to make kids laugh with my writing. According to Bruce Coville, that's easy. You just need to include the magic words: fart, pooh, underwear, toilet, and what was the other? Excuse me, I'm having a Rick Perry moment.

At my ten-year high school reunion, we all folded up when reminiscing  about sixth grade. When anyone was feeling playful, they'd whisper "underwear" and everyone within earshot would crack up. underwear. Underwear. Underwear! UNDERWEAR! Are you laughing yet? If not, congratulations. You've made it out of the sixth grade mentality.

As for farts, my son said it best in eighth grade, "When we were in sixth grade and someone farted, it wasn't funny; but now, it's hysterical!" Here's the proof. Boys become less mature with age. Although in reality, an occasional fart in an odd setting can still make adults cackle.

Sometimes laughter isn't good medicine. I'll never forget my husband making me giggle after surgery. He didn't realize how much his jokes hurt until I cried from laughing. Then there's the old, "Don't make me laugh or I'll wet my pants." Who has never leaked from more than just the eyes when something was funny?

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named recently told us a story about not being able to hold her pee when laughing. (Pee-that's Coville's other magic word!) She was at a neighbor's house playing a game called, "Naked City." All the little girls took off their clothes and sat around laughing. Unfortunately, laughter led to wetting the neighbor's carpet. She never told her friends or the neighbor's Mom what happened. All I can say to that is POOR Cocoa! I'm sure that black lab got a bawling out for that one.

I leave you with another great movie. This scene from Singing in the Rain makes me laugh every time I watch it.


Jo said...

I am thinking, how do you actually write a humorous piece about laughter? Should have known that you would find a way. LOL Good job GF.

Mike said...

"I had an Uncle with a wooden name named Smith."

Now get me off the ceiling!

Well done Joyce!

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney....... :)

THE SNEE said...

I'm laughing!Fortunately I'm not wet, and I have no stitches. You chose my two most favorite laughing songs! Donald O'Connor, and Dick Van Dyke are infectious. I'm doing a jig with my feet while writing this. I love to laugh Joyce, so thanks for starting my day off with a giggle. Happy Thanksgiving.

Cathy said...

Love your laughter blog piece, Joyce. Would someone pass the Kleenex, please and oops, gotta run down the hall...see ya!

Sylvia Colette Branch said...

ha, potty talk, of course! great post Joyce, as always.

Catherine said...

Dear Joyce, I agree. A good laugh with your kids is the best! It just brings you all closer. You did pick good movies. I saw Mary Poppins when I was little with my mom. My mom used to pack a whole picnic lunch for the movies! It was great. Don't forget the old drive-in movies. They were great too. It just was plain fun!
Well, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings, Catherine

Joyce Lansky said...

Thanks for all the comments. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I have a feeling I'll see that anonymous commenter who used to laugh every time he heard "Dick Cheney's" name because he thought it was funny that someone would name a kid, "Dick."

Anonymous said...

I usually go for the understated humor, but sometimes a good fart sends me to pieces. Nearly got in major trouble back in high school because of that, thank god my English teacher just thought I was having a coughing attack and sent me to the water fountain rather than detention!

Anonymous said...

Greetings From Southern California

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh :-)

Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

Take care and have a nice day :-)

Anonymous said...

Kids provide some great laughs...and they sure do get a kick out of bodily functions words. Several years ago, I had a little guy at the daycare who's mom didn't allow him to say some of those words at home unless he was "currently needing to do one of them." One of his favorite things to do was to sit on a step at the daycare and say, "Pee. Poop. Throw up. Barf. Puke." He'd repeat them until the thrill wore off and then he'd go play. :OD

danneromero said...

too funny. i am a teacher. i hear that stuff daily.

i am a new follower... come by and follow my blog about my husband living in arkansas while i live in california..

Anonymous said...

Uh huh, just remember, she-who-must-not-be-named, WILL catch up to you! Funny post. Thanks for the laugh -Kelly

MB said...

Singing in the rain is one of my favorite movies, and that "love to laugh" has to be one of my most favorite parts! That's so awesome! Nice post :)

Mojo Writin' said...

Loved the film clips. Those are both sure to have me giggling... and now I will forever think of cinema seats as tall, Burtonesque creations on which people balance whilst squinting at a distant screen :D Thanks for that one, Joyce *hugs*

Rhonda said...

Wonderful post Joyce, although it reminds me that I am not very mature. I laughed at everyone of your words, and laughed even more when you shouted UNDERWEAR at us. Been trying to catch up on reading and this laugh break really helps :)