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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writer's Post: The Blues

This week's Writer's Post topic, The Blues, reminds me of the Jazz, Blues, and Folk Committee at the University of Missouri. Back in the days, I had fun meeting artists and working the stage for great ones like BB King, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, and the one and only Leon Redbone. Of course, I have no actually memory of meeting Mr. Redbone; he performed the night after the 24-hour Dance Marathon. FML. Lack of sleep could definitely give one the blues. If you want to hear pathetic blues, listen to Leon Redbone sing I Ain't Got Nobody.

Sounds sad, but what's sadder are the stories you can read at Here are samples of real blues from that site. 

Today, my husband and I were talking about names for our expectant child. I told him since I named our daughter he could name our son. He's decided on a name from 'God of War'. My son is going to be named after a make-believe cartoon character - Kratos. FML

Today, my daughter turned 11. Since she LOVES Harry Potter, I decided to write her an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. When she saw the letter, she screamed and showed me. When she found out I wrote it, she told me she hated me, started crying, and stepped on my foot. FML

Today, I showed up at my boyfriend's work to surprise him by speaking in Spanish, his first language. I've been taking classes secretly. He smiled, kissed me, and then finished telling his friend, in Spanish, that I'm boring and ugly but he's got nothing better going on. FML

Today, I was taking a nap. Apparently, my two year old daughter decided to crawl on top of the covers on my bed because she was scared since there was a thunder storm. I thought she was one of our cats so I kicked her off. She hit the wall. FML

Today, I was a TA for a history class and the class was taking a test. About halfway through, I noticed one kid had a small piece of paper in his hand. I ran up the row, grabbed his test, and ripped it into four pieces. Then I took the note from him. It said "I believe in you, -Mom." FML

Today, while at the Golden Gate Bridge, I spotted a large group of Asians trying to take a picture. Trying to be a diplomat, I slowly say "You... want me... take picture?" while using hand motions. The man looks at me and says "No thanks *sshole, I got it," in plain English. FML

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Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

oh my! ;)

Claudia Moser said...

Your direction for the theme is also very nicely done :)

Jenn said...

I love the song. Some of these made me laugh out loud. But someone mistaking their child for a cat? What a complete IDIOT. That one kind of made me upset...didn't find it funny--more disturbing!

unikorna said...

Very funny...:))) especially the one about Harry Potter. Amazing. Because at first I read between the lines, I initially thought you wrote them and I was surprised to read you were expecting a new baby :))). Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I'm bored I read FML, sometimes it does make me feel better. lol

Jo said...

Those are some very humorous views of the Blues! Laughing out loud here.
You're absolutely nutz and I ♥ that about you.

Rhonda said...

Funny stuff. The last one is may favorite :)

Unknown said...

I won't let those blues get me. You're my rescuer!! Great stuff.

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

This is my first introduction to the FML site. Thanks!!! I love stuff like this. The child's reaction to the Hogwarts acceptance letter reminded me of..... Never mind... hee hee... I think I just found my inspiration for "Blues".

I love this!!!