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Friday, January 6, 2012

Writer's Post: Making a Difference

This week's Writer's Post topic is making a difference. Here are five things you should know to make a difference:

1.) Before visiting the dentist one has two choices: floss regularly and have a quick visit or don't floss and have some lady jab your sore gums until blood gushes onto her tools and you're screaming, "Holy sh*t!" Flossing makes a difference.

2.)  When coloring hair, put dye on ones roots for ten to fifteen minutes and then put it on the rest of the hair for the remaining time. That way one's hair won't turn bright orange. Not leaving hair dye all over one's head makes a difference in whether one looks like Bozo or not.

3.)  When one has a scab, don't pick. This will keep it from healing and give one a big, ugly boo boo that won't go away–usually on one's face. Not picking scabs makes a difference.

4.)  When one reaches old age, dump the mild kid deodorant for something stronger. Otherwise, one will stink like an old hag. Switching deodorant makes a difference.

5.)  And finally Mitt Romney made a difference for many when he caused them to lose their jobs so he could make money. Watch the video and remember: Who you vote for makes a difference!


Jo said...

All righty then! I believe I am leaving here having learned some valuable life lessons. Thank you so much. I can always count on you to enlighten me. ♥

Jenn said...

LOL @ the hair dye comment. I have too many horror stories to share!

HE HE HE. Cheers, Jenn

spiky said...

a special visit from Philippines! keep in touch. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, and so the politics begin. It had to happen sometime.

And I can never seem to remember to floss. As good as my intentions are-flossing just seems to flit from my memory as soon as I'm standing at the sink brushing my teeth.

BECKY said...

Oh Joyce, these were hilarious!! LOVED them! Thanks for sharing the important info! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts! :D)

Paula Martin said...

Interesting advice :-)

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

Considering that I am a floss junkie, I can vouch for number 1.

Very funny! Love this...