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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Blogging Lounge Wants Turmoil

Ariana Browning has given us the blogging topic of turmoil. That word brings me way back to those student days when the end of the semester would come. We'd spend so much time studying for exams that we wouldn't have time to shower. As a result, lots of oil would form in our hair. Term oil!

What? I misspelled "term oil?"

Let me try again with tern oil. Those were those poor birds who got their pretty little feathers covered in oil from the mean companies that caused spills.

No? That's not what the prompt is?

They say third time's a charm, so how about burn oil. Those sun gods and goddesses use it on the beach to get a better tan, but they just end up getting burnt.

You say three times is not a charm?

Oh, turmoil. As in a great disturbance? Well. I don't know anything about that.


Binky said...

I believe turmoil is an unhealthy polyunsaturated oil derived from the turmnut tree and used surreptitiously in many fast food restaurants.

eastcoastlife said...

LOL, I can't imagine how hard you were studying for your exams. To me that sounds like burning midnight oil. :P

Martha Jane Orlando said...

So clever! Love it!

mail4rosey said...

lol on the term oil, ha but I can relate! :)

Cascia Talbert said...

A great disturbance? I think I can relate to that one! Have a terrific weekend.

Unknown said...

you are brilliant! :)

I have that tomato setting on my skin. with freckles thrown in for visual interest.

Rhonda Albom said...

Well done Joyce. I used to do the burn oil thing at the start of every summer. Ouch. What was I thinking?

Helena said...

lol.....I take on the Harry effect given that I'm one of those fair skinned, strawberry-blonde cases.

Brenda Stevens said...

Oh you do it to me all the time LOL!! but i did squinge looking at that poor boy with the lobster face and arms!! OUCH!!!

Unknown said...

Love the photograph of the man. It reminds me of myself in the summer. I usually only burn not tan.

An Apel a Day said...

I remember studying for midterms, and finals. I also had art projects due at that time.

I just had midterms last week. One girl never showed up. I found out she went to Kansas City for their Comic Con. WTH! I would have never done something like that in college.

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Love it. You are indeed a wordsmith. The English language is so much to play with.