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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Je suis Jeuf.

I am Jewish. My religious roots go back as far as I know, and I wouldn't want it any other way. If you dislike me because of my faith, then leave my blog. I don't need your visits. Furthermore, I fully support Israel and her need to protect herself from terrorist attacks. I am sick of the United Nations condemning Israel for her acts of self-preservation while having nothing to say about the horrors of ISIS.

Antisemitism is once again on the rise, with an over 300% increase in Europe. As a result, I have no plans to visit this part of the world anytime soon. Antisemitism first showed its ugly head in 586 BCE (Before the Common Era) in ancient Babylonia when Jews refused to worship Khnum, the Egyptian Ram God. Soon after, the first temple was destroyed. This occurred in what is now Israel, long before Palestinians even existed.

Basically, hatred for Jews has followed a repeated pattern of a ruling factor saying, "You will do this."

While Jews replied, "We will not."

Some 400 years later, Egyptians frowned upon Jews who worshipped one God as opposed to multiple Gods. Yet, we Jews refused to give up our practices.

With the antisemitism among the Roman Empire, how in the world do people believe the lie of Jews killing Jesus? Jews had no power and were a small and intellectually divided community. In fact, many Jews were nailed to the cross for refusing to practice the Roman religious ways. Plus, the Romans destroyed the second temple in 70 CE.

Throughout history, Jews have been a convenient scape goat due to our refusal to assimilate. We did not cause the black plague; we just didn't catch the dreaded disease because we kept our houses clean. Or, er, my ancestors did. ;) Nor, have we sacrificed humans in bizarre rituals. However, people believe what they want to believe.

At the beginning of this article, I claimed that I wouldn't want to deny my ancestry. Throughout history, my ancestors have repeatedly had threats to their lives. I am proud to be the child of the survivors. I am also amazed at the persistence of those who try to convert me. My ancestors refused conversion over the threat of death, yet you think you can ring my doorbell and expect me to drop my religion for yours. No apologies to you. I refuse to spit on my ancestors graves.


Binky said...

More tolerance and acceptance is needed in this world if we are to ever live together in peace. We should all be able to be what we want to be, as long as we're not interfering with others.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

The rise in antisemitism alarms me no end. I'm ashamed that this administration, along with the UN, has seemingly kicked Israel to the curb. My Jewish brothers and sisters mean everything to me. You are God's Chosen People. Nothing will ever change that.
Love and blessings, Joyce.

joeh said...

The world is a better place because of your people. They have given back far more than they have taken!

Boopnut said...

I am proud to be a Christian, and as one, I agree with Martha Jane that the Jews are God's Chosen People. I am afraid of ISIS, as we all should be. Any one who doesn't believe as they do are considered infidels!

mail4rosey said...

You make me smile. Always. You seem like such a spitfire (that's a good thing). :)

As for ISIS, I think terrorism is something we all agree to band together against, regardless of faith. Such horrid acts... I hate that the films get aired too on some of them. I won't watch them.

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

I could never dislike a person because of their faith. That is just wrong. But extremists, in every direction - they are the people I dislike or may pick a bone with or even fear, all depending on a lot of things. But just because of a different faith - no.
Hehe and I agree with mail4rosey - you really do sound like a spitfire, ready to rip someone's throat :)

An Apel a Day said...

I love hearing about different religious perspectives. I could never dislike anyone because of their faith.

My son Mica has a friend that's Muslim. I have to admit it's taken some getting used to as far as their customs go. They are so nice. I believe as far as religion goes there is good and bad with all of them.

I work with someone that is Jewish. She's so nice! I cried on her shoulder when I found out my husband lost his job last week. She cried on mine when her mom passed away last month.

Regardless of religion we have to be there for one another. Through thick and thin.

Pat Hatt said...

People need to wake up and smell the crap they are shoveling. Not everybody will or should believe the same thing. If each person believed what they wanted and left each other alone, world would be a safer place at least.

LA Botchar said...

HA - like they've said.. Preach it Spitfire!! :)
It is alarming that such hatred does appear to be on the rise again. Is history always doomed to repeat itself? More tolerance, less judgement, more love, less war. If only.