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Sunday, May 17, 2015

#MM Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra

An old family friend called to tell us she is managing a band and would be heading to Memphis for a one night's gig at Lafayette Music Room. This is an old Memphis restaurant where many of the great ones got their start. Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Kansas, and Kiss all performed there before becoming famous, so you can see the variety. 

The band we housed is called Marty O'Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra. Being a Tuesday night, we had planned on staying for one set and heading home around 9:30. The band was so good that we ended up staying until after the crowd demanded another song at closing.

Us with Yakov Smirnoff's daughter.
Here we are with Natasha. As a little girl, she was friends with our daughter Judy. We haven't seen her since the kids were little. As a side note, her dad is a famous comedian. The entire family has dad's fun personality, and they are great to be around.

The lead singer of the band left the shirt he performed in at our house. It's a nice shirt, and he wanted it back, but we decided to sell it on Ebay instead. Tee hee. Just kidding. Marty's shirt is in the mail to California. 

Marty had a funny habit of playing from the floor every now and then. I thought it was cute and repeatedly tried and failed to capture a photo. Every time I'd think about it and get my phone out, he'd stand up. This photo is Natasha's.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for. Here is a sample of the music from this up and coming band. If you like them, you may download a free tune at:, or you can follow them on Facebook at:

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Marie Moody said...

I really didn't see the difference at first, but I listened more and they really do have their own style don't they. Truly different. Thanks for sharing. YOU ROCK! Have a rocktastic week! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ooooooh!! Me likey, Joyce! What a great find! And I have to say, that little girl on the seahorse at the beginning of the first video totally cracked me up! :) But back to the band - love their sound! Thanks for sharing! And c'mon, 'fess up - you bought a replacement shirt and sold the original on eBay, right? >;o)~

What’s Up? Chasing Cars and Counting Stars we’re just Crushin’ It!

stevebethere said...

I enjoyed your story seemed like you had plenty of fun and enjoyed the night, i can see why great sound i quite like them makes a nice change these days to hear live singing rather than miming.

Right I'm off to Ebay...oh! I forgot that you were kidding :-)

Have a musictastic day (no rhyming today) LOL

Rhonda Albom said...

Fun story, cool photo of the famous girl, and interesting music.

messymimi said...

Unique sound, i like it!

Binky said...

Your house could be famous one day!

Colette S said...

They are very funny! I love that first video :)

Glad you get to be part of someone's story like that.

Have a great week :)

mail4rosey said...

Both videos are good, I like the first one best because the outside setting is awesome. :)

Too bad you mailed that shirt back, I'd have bid on it!! ;)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Great intro to a new band sound! Marty O'Reilly has a style of his own. I like the bluesy country flavor in the first vid. I definitely will visit his site to listen to other songs. Thanks for sharing and visiting! ;) Have a tunetastic week.

Remember Everything #FFDP #music