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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Fun for Kids

Here in the south, we've been out of school for about a week. Before you get too green with envy, please note that teachers started this school year in July. Luckily, the powers that be got some sense, and we won't see our classrooms until August this next school year.

Being a lover of summer, I never understood the concept of, "I'M BORED!" over the summer; however, we all know kids who yearn for things to do. Why not send your kids off with my Boredom Busters at the end of the school year? Once they take up your text books, you can even keep them happy with these fun puzzles to challenge minds. If you're a parent, here's something to keep your child challenged and entertained.

This booklet is for young minds in grades 1 - 3. It contains three summer themed logic puzzles, a sedoku, a maze, and a quote puzzle. It is targeted to gifted and talented students, and I've marked the price down to $3.95. That's a real bargain since I sell my puzzles individually for $1 a piece.

This booklet is for those older intellectually gifted kids in grades 3 - 5. Inside, you will find three logic problems, a sedoku, a quote puzzle, and a funny story, "Beware of Cooties," that is guaranteed to bring a chuckle. This, too, has a reduced price of $4.25. 

So how about it? 
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Binky said...

Do these work for Wombies, too?

Binky said...

(Just a note, Joyce: You've got a "your" instead of a "you're" in there.)

Catch My Words said...

Of course these will work for Wombies! Thanks for the spelling catch. I'm usually a stickler for those sorts of things.

messymimi said...

While my kids are too old for these, i know a few moms who home school younger kids, and i'll pass on your info to them.

Catch My Words said...


Cathy Kennedy said...

Cool idea! I sent out Tweet for ya, Joyce! If I could get my brain to sit still long enough, maybe I'd benefit from you mind challenging puzzles and such. Lord knows I really, really need help! :D

Rhonda Albom said...

I don't understand summer boredom either, but great idea with the books.

Unknown said...

Looks cool :) normally if I'm bored over summer I read. And read. And read. :)