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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Fun for Kids

Here in the south, we've been out of school for about a week. Before you get too green with envy, please note that teachers started this school year in July. Luckily, the powers that be got some sense, and we won't see our classrooms until August this next school year.

Being a lover of summer, I never understood the concept of, "I'M BORED!" over the summer; however, we all know kids who yearn for things to do. Why not send your kids off with my Boredom Busters at the end of the school year? Once they take up your text books, you can even keep them happy with these fun puzzles to challenge minds. If you're a parent, here's something to keep your child challenged and entertained.

This booklet is for young minds in grades 1 - 3. It contains three summer themed logic puzzles, a sedoku, a maze, and a quote puzzle. It is targeted to gifted and talented students, and I've marked the price down to $3.95. That's a real bargain since I sell my puzzles individually for $1 a piece.

This booklet is for those older intellectually gifted kids in grades 3 - 5. Inside, you will find three logic problems, a sedoku, a quote puzzle, and a funny story, "Beware of Cooties," that is guaranteed to bring a chuckle. This, too, has a reduced price of $4.25. 

So how about it? 
I'd love for you to stop by and check out 
these products or others at my store.

If logic is your thing, my store is loaded with it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Story of Angela and Eggy

Because you wanted to know . . .

On a May day in a Memphis classroom, multiple eggs were decorated, weighed, and named before sliding down a chute made of shoe box lids into kid designed landing pads. With ten sheets of newspaper and an arms' stretch of masking tape, kids designed these cushions. Thus, The Egg Drop Competition began. 

In order to properly place landing pads, students filled plastic Easter eggs with rocks. These practice eggs weighed the same as real eggs and got cracked before reluctant eggs ran the chute. 

To "egg" them on, kids cheered and clapped and then the trek began. Most eggs fell to their sudden death; however, Angela and Eggy were survivors. They even successfully slid down the high dive, the top of the book shelf. 

The best landing pads were funnel shaped with lots of give. Anyone who folded newspapers put their eggs in grave danger. As winning eggs, they received the reward of going home with the teacher to be eaten.

However, they became blog celebrities on Wordless Wednesday. I know you want to know about the Wordless Wednesday before this one, when I missed it doing something secret. Sorry, but I still can't reveal. I will let you know soon.