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Monday, September 11, 2017

9-11 Songs of Loss

I was in the computer lab with a fourth grade class, when an assistant at the school came into the room in tears. I asked what was wrong and found out about the terror attacks of 9-11. She watched my class for a few minutes while I joined others, in the library, to see a plane diving into a building. I will never forget that day. Where were you when you learned of the terror attacks of September 11th?


XmasDolly said...

So sad! That's what I should've made the theme be is for people to tell us all what they were doing when they found out about 9-11. Thank you for sharing your time with us. Love the first tune. I haven't heard that one yet. Thank you and if something unforeseen happens where I don't get to tell you tomorrow thanks for being my friend let me say thank you now! BIG HUGS & may God bless you & yours! BIG HUGS

Cathy Kennedy said...


I can't image how hard 9/11 was for you 16-years ago. To continue working with kids too young to understand the fuss if any was going on. I know I was in a state of shock the whole day. Your song selections are beautiful and touching moving my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing such tenderness with in your lovely tribute. None of us will ever be quite the same, will we? Blessings to you always!

messymimi said...

It's painful to look back, i was giving the children breakfast and getting ready to take them to preschool when my husband called.

Binky said...

It's obviously a day that will never be forgotten by anyone who lived through it.

Rhonda Albom said...

I was at home. A friend called to tell me. We didn't have TV at our home. I was glad my young children didn't see the images.

bookworm said...

Where was I? At work, at my desk. But I think today of my best friend from childhood, a teacher in a Brooklyn elementary school. She worked with her classes that day,not knowing if her husband, who worked on Wall Street, was alive or dead. He was alive - he walked all the way home, miles and miles, with a co worker he helped, totally covered in soot and ashes. He was on the Manhattan Bridge when the second tower fell, and witnessed that. Ironically (because the smoke plume traveled right over her neighborhood) she was the one who died from lung cancer, possibly related to her 9/11 exposure, in September of 2015. Alana

Michele at Angels Bark said...

Hi Joyce.
Wow, I can only imagine how you all gathered together in the library to begin to comprehend what was happening. How did you all tell the children? I bet that was a big discussion, given their ages.

I was at home getting ready for work. I was an advertising sales rep for Time Warner at the time. I was in shock and listened to the talk radio station all the way to work. When I got there, all of us sales folks were gathered in the coffee room and talking about it for a few brief minutes and then we had to go into our regularly scheduled Tuesday morning sales meeting. Our sales manager, who I couldn't stand, had a very disgusting way to address the team about the tragedy. The only thing he said about it was "Has anyone received any cancellations from clients yet because of what's happening this morning?" That man is such a piece of work. Soul-less. Always hated him and hated him more after that day. People really needed to talk about what just happened. It was a shock to the whole nation. And yet he glossed over it with that callous question and went on with the business at hand. We were all very bewildered at that. And we had to move on with our day and get to work. It was very silent for a while in the bull-pen. Hard to just dig in and get to work.
That sales manager's name is Ross Newsome. I just mention his name here so it can be noted what a horrible person he is. His name will go down in infamy in my book!

Great song choices today. I wasn't familiar with the first one. But love Elton John's song.

Have a good weekend Joyce.

Michele at Angels Bark

Mike said...

I was home I had taken the day off. I was working a mile or two away from the Pentagon. My office mate volunteered as a first responder to that crash. I will never forgot the awful stench from the crash that greeted me in the early hours of the 12th when I returned to work.