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Saturday, May 18, 2019

End of Year Madness

As the school year draws to a close, the kids get wilder, and the teachers want to collapse. If that's not enough, the admin takes away your books. What is a teacher to do?

Catch My Products offers multiple fun products to get you through 
to the end of the year.

If it's brainteasers you want, click here. I have pages and pages of logic puzzles.

Here's a good one that's sure to keep the kids out of your hair . . .

activities packet

. . . because I know you're tired. 

blog post on things to do

links to logic puzzles

So grab hold of the circus and keep them in line. You can do it!

bundle of Harry Potter logic puzzles

And have a great end of the year!

what to do at the end of school year.


messymimi said...

One teacher's advice was, don't smile before Christmas and teach them everything they need to know before Easter. That sounds about right.

Growing up, we kept our books until the very last day of school, what's up with taking them early?


mail4rosey said...

The end of the year is the worst. They took not only our books, but our remotes too, for the overheads, and they said no backpacks allowed the last two days, so I literally showed Tangled back-to-back in those days for each of my 7 classes. I do think teachers and kids need summers off to fully decompress. :)