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Monday, November 4, 2019

Accountable Talk

Can you believe it's already November? With the new month comes a new blog topic. This month, I will focus on those higher level thinking skills that gifted and talented students love and those in the regular classroom need.

There is nothing like an active discussion in a classroom. I love seeing every kid excited and hands raised. Of course with the excitement comes those who can't wait to be called on, too, but that's okay. At least they're engaged. I have found the secret to how to get kids talking. The first step is to arm them with key phrases that you want to hear, such as: 

I agree with ____________ because . . . 
I disagree with ________________ because. . . 
In addition to what ______________ said. . .  
Can you tell me more? 
And my favorite, "What makes you say that?" 

All of these sorts of phrases enhance accountable talk. The next thing needed is that topic that not everyone agrees on. In this political climate, you can easily find this, but you may not want to. How about a story where the character is faced with a challenging decision? You can follow these with your lively discussions on whether or not the right thing was done. This works well with just about any story or novel.

To help you have fun getting your kids talking, I have many short passages that are purposely written to be vague!

Here is a free product that will get kids talking. My only request is that you leave feedback so that others can find it.

Free resource for educators to enhance accountable talk

Are you thirsty for more? Please find the bundle. All of the resources in the bundle can be purchased individually as well.

Money saving bundle for gifted and talented classroom

And now, for musical selections!

First up is Bonnie Raitt with Something to Talk About.

Remember Tears for Fears? Here is Shout.

Those who have been with me for awhile, may have seen this one on my blog, but it's worth posting, again. Two of the greatest musical talents of all times have joined together, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson are classic in Say, Say, Say!


Cathy Kennedy said...


Of your key phrases, your favorite is mine, too. Great tie in with your educational resources and song selections. Your theme revolving around talking is an excellent one and would be a great one for the 4Mers to use one week. :) Thanks for joining the greatest dance party in Blogosphere and have a boogietastic week, my dear!

songbird's crazy world said...

Very interesting song choices this week.

Binky said...

Some people already talk more than enough, but it usually isn't very sensible.

messymimi said...

It's not easy to teach kids to think and discuss what they think and why. Great songs and great resources!

bookworm said...

I'm home from work, where sometimes there is way too much talking (and even shouting - one of the guys there is so loud just in his normal voice). But it does give me a lot to talk about. You included one of my favorite 80's groups, Tears for Fears. Enjoyable set! Alana