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Monday, November 25, 2019

Creative Problem Solving about Toys

In the gifted and talented program, kids were often asked to problem solve. This too is a skill that can be taught. Let's start with a problem about a toy. Suppose Honey Bear, a golden retriever, has lost her ball under the television set. What can she do to retrieve it?

Teach creative problem solving activities in your gifted and talented class.

In order to retrieve her ball, we must go through the steps of creative problem solving.

1.) Brainstorm - In a group, students will think of as many ideas as possible. Accept any idea given, even if it seems silly. Sometimes bad ideas have a way of sparking good ones from a team member.

2.) Evaluate - Is this a good idea or not? Students must decide if it will work, is easy or possible to do, costs money, or if it is safe.

3.) Decide - Which idea is the best way for Honey Bear to get her ball back? Looking at the criteria, the group decides on which strategy to use.

4.) Act - The group will put on a skit showing Honey getting her ball.

I have two packets that present problems for practice in creative problem solving.

Creative Thinking Exercises for Gifted and Talented students. #TpT

Creative thinking activities about famous women in history.

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Now for Music

Since we're talking about dog toys, I've got to include my favorite song about dogs! After all, without dogs, there would be no toys under the television. Also, my dogs ARE my toys!

Next up, "Barbie Girl" by Aqua


Binky said...

If Honey Bear can't reach the ball herself, she should call 1-800-BALL-RETIEVER to get someone to come out and help her.

songbird's crazy world said...

Barbie girl seems to be popular today

Cathy Kennedy said...


Creative thinking is a pup's cup of forte. They know how to go about getting what they want and it's a funny process to watch them achieve their goal. :) Thanks for joining me on the dance floor today, my friend. Have a boogietastic week and happy Thanksgiving!

bookworm said...

My son was in 4th grade when that song came out. I was between jobs and did some volunteering in the school, and heard the Barbie song at every school fathering. It's really catchy, but after a while, I just didn't want to hear it anymore. Now, over 20 years later....I love how catchy it is! Alana

XmasDolly said...

Great idea... Okay, love the first tune and I kept petting "Charlie" that's my Chocolate Lab and I turned it up just for him. hahaha Now this Barbie Girl tune well the video... Whoa, that tune was cute in the beginning, but now I remember why I didn't listen to it very long back when it came out. hahahaha Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! hugs