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Monday, December 2, 2019

TpT Sitewide Sale, Inferences, FREE Resource, #MMMM

We just got back from my brother's home. Getting together every Thanksgiving with all of my siblings (and now their families) goes back to our childhood! Though we're sad that our parents are no longer with us, we now enjoy multiple children named after them. We had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope your holiday was wonderful, too.

TpT Sitewide Sale

In case you didn't know, today and tomorrow is the Cyber Monday TpT sitewide sale. Everything in my store, and many other stores, is 20% off. If you add the code CYBER19, you will gain an additional 5% to receive 25% off, with the exception of my new Who Was Frederick Douglass? Book Studies which are at 50% off.

Complete book unit for Who Was Frederick Douglass?


What is it about making inferences that is so difficult for kids? I wish I had the answer. I've found the best way to achieve this skill is to constantly model and practice it. Give your kids reading passages in which they are asked to draw conclusions from the story. Next, follow up by saying, "What makes you say this?" You will find that soon your kids will answer questions by stating their thoughts and give reasons behind those thoughts.

The reasoning behind thoughts is important because every time you or one of your students tells how they drew a conclusion, it models the skill for the entire class. Therefore, you are actually accomplishing more than just making inferences. Students are drawing conclusions using textual evidence, too.

Inferences Through Photos

You can also teach inferences through pictures. Why does this puppy have so many toys in his mouth?

Making inferences or drawing conclusions article

Your kids imaginations could go wild as to the reason! Actually, when we got home last night, we brought my daughter-in-law's grandmother's dog's toys. Jack has too many toys and doesn't play with these anymore. Benny had no stuffed animals because he ripped them up. Don't get me wrong, he loves stuffed animals but is still a chewer and a puppy. He was so excited to have new toys and put them all in his mouth at once. That is not to say that a child can't think of another reason for the toys. Even a creative answer would work. Maybe, Benny is cleaning up the place by carrying his toys to the bin. Yeah, right. Or, he could be grabbing all of them so that the other dogs can't have them. That last one could actually be right. ;)

I have a new freebie for you on inferences.

Free Christmas resource on making inferences for kids

If you download this, please leave me feedback so that others can find it.

Music Monday Moves Me

The theme for this month is Christmas music, so I will post one song for you and you can ask your students to make inferences about it.

So kids, why did this happen? What conclusions can you draw from the song? Have fun, and I'll see you next week!


Binky said...

That poor dog is overcompensating for being toy deprived.

Cathy Kennedy said...


LOL I was thinking the reason Jack had so many toys in his mouth was to give them a needy pup before I read your paragraph with possibilities. :) Thanks for joining the 4M dance party this week. Have a joyful holiday season, dearie!

XmasDolly said...

So happy you had a great Thanksgiving. We did too & I know what you mean about our parents no longer being here. WHAT??? Here I was sitting back & I figured I'd write to you listening to a beautiful Christmas Carol & then it started singing something I have no clue... hahahaha! Great tune! I surely needed that laugh! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

bookworm said...

Oh, a Bob Rivers classic! I had to look and there are quite a number of performances of this on You Tube. Poor guy that someone switched the sign on, and I enjoyed the looks on the singers' faces as they proceeded with the song. Funny! I was going to feature some Bob Rivers songs on my blog this Monday, and I just may add this one to the list. Alana