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Monday, February 17, 2020

Leap Into Learning Blog Hop

Blog hop for teachers to pick up free resources

 Reading Specialty  Gateway Behaviors to Bullying Free Reading Passage

Thanks for hopping to Catch My Words. Some bloggy friends and I have joined together to share FREEBIES that you can use at anytime during the year no matter the season. Grab a total of NINE freebies by hopping to each blog until you end up back here. Or, if you want you can check out  just the blogs that feature an item in these grade levels. 

Blog hop for grades pk-2 
Blog hop for grades 3-5 (Contains my Resource)

My freebie has been featured in the TpT newsletter and advertised throughout Teachers Pay Teachers. It's an original story about Gateway Behaviors to Bullying.

 Gateway Behaviors to Bullying FREE Reading Passage

A couple of years ago, our school had an anti-bullying initiative where we were encouraged to teach about gateway to bullying behaviors. I searched all over the internet for a reading passage for my fifth grade class. Everything I found was either babyish or had someone attempting suicide. Since I found nothing in between, I wrote this story to highlight exactly what I wanted to say, and it's FREE!  

This seven page resource, was written to help curb the bullying epidemic in schools. The story follows Miriam and her best friend to see how their behaviors just might hurt feelings. The teacher is instructed to stop throughout the passage to discuss what has taken place. Just click HERE and join over 10,000 teachers who have downloaded this story. If you like it, I'd love to read your feedback!

Read what buyers have said:
  • "Very few resources, if any, focus on those "smaller" bullying behaviors which often go overlooked, but definitely add up emotionally to a victim. I'm so glad this resource takes these behaviors into account. Great job!"
  • "I am blown away. What an excellent resource that gets to the heart of SO MANY behaviors that so many of us do, having begun in our early years of school. I will be using this with my own children in our family discussions, but this would be excellent for classroom guidance class or even just character building time in an ordinary classroom setting. Thorough. Realistic. Fit to today's times and things real kids can relate to. I'm awfully curious to read other stories just like this."
  • I like that the story discusses hurtful behaviors commonly seen on the playground but not identified as "bullying". The questions were very thought-provoking. I think my kids (and I) gained a lot from this lesson!

I have a lot of thought provoking reading passage in my store that are from third grade up to high school. Feel free to browse my reading passages as a group or check out a few of my favorites!

Are you looking for a new and different historical fiction passage about the Underground Railroad? Take your students on a reading adventure about runaway slaves with this original story. Through this close reading passage, students will learn what it was like to be a runaway slave from around 1860s, America. Students will remain engaged with the story and intrigued with higher level, critical thinking questions. This product is perfect for Black History Month or year round!
This easy to use resource includes:
  • Original first person narrative as told through voice of a male slave.
  • Human faults or qualities of the characters.
  • Close Read symbols to guide and ready students for discussion.
  • Vocabulary questions to clarify meaning of text.
  • Higher level questions to spark critical discussions in the classroom.
  • Grammar correction opportunities from speech of fictional characters.
  • Lines and plenty of room for student answers.
  • Complete answer key for teacher

Or maybe you are interested in saving 30% off the price of individual resources with a bundle.

Are you on the lookout for fun historical fiction reading passages because your social studies book is not grabbing your students' interest? Find this bundle complete with everything you need to engage and challenge you kids. Your students will love these easy to print and go stories with questions and activities that will teach history in an exciting way.
By purchasing this bundle, you are saving 30% off the price of individual resources.
This bundle include SIX reading passages:

Thanks for hopping by. Teachers are awesome!



Binky said...

Do you have any review lessons for advanced astrophysics?

Catch My Words said...

Now, that I don't have. Maybe I need to write one. LOL!

Maggie's Kinder Corner said...

This is such a valuable resource for all school counselors! I will be passing it along to my friend!

Julie Yeros said...

Teachers ARE awesome! Thank you for creating and sharing such an important resource!