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Monday, March 1, 2021

Fun Logic for Kids

When I taught gifted and talented kids, a favorite was always logic puzzles, especially on fun topics like magic. Kids love solving puzzles whether working by themselves or with a partner. These puzzles worked well in centers for early finishers, too. Somehow the bright kids in the class tend to finish early and are always looking for something to do. Of course, many of those bookworms will pull out a novel and read, but the math kids want to solve logic puzzles. Let's face it. They all love to solve logic puzzles.

A favorite are the grid puzzles, where students answer questions and place X's and O's in a grid. No these aren't hugs and kisses. The X's eliminate possibilities while the O's match what goes together. Would you like to try them out?

I have a lot of FREE puzzles on different grade levels. Try these:

Lunch Boxes (for your primary students)

Teach logic puzzle to gifted and talented primary students or for kids on Teacher Pay Teachers. #freelessons #free #teachers

Stuck in a Chair will give upper elementary kids a chuckle.

Solve logic puzzles for #FREE on Teacher Pay Teachers for schools first. #education #teachersofthegram #TEACHers

After trying these, check out Wizard Logic Puzzles, which just happens to be my best seller! Your kids will love them!

Harry Potter puzzles about wizards on Teacher Pay Teachers for 4th grade or 5th grade students. #iteachgt Teacher Pay Teacher #teacherslife schools first #logicHarry Potter related logic puzzles for kids on Teacher Pay Teachers. Teaching gifted and talented problem solving and critical thinking with brain based activities on Teacher Pay Teachers for schools first. #harrypotterfans #iteach #teachers


sophea ◇ said...

That's a good activity , I think I should to let my small nephew learn abt puzzle too

Binky said...

The world needs a lot more logic.